Trump v Apple

I believe that Donald Trump is way off base here because he is not a programmer. If Apple creates a backdoor for the FBI in its phones then hackers will also find [...]

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Is Any Asset Safe?

QUESTION: Hi Marty, I have been following your blog for several years and attended your “Cycles of War” presentation in Philadelphia. It has been [...]

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BREXIT On Schedule

BREXIT on Schedule

QUESTION: I attended your May 1999 seminar in London. I am the person who asked you when would Britain exit the EU. You said not before 2016. Can you elaborate on [...]

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Classic Thinking vs. Reality

QUESTION: Hi Martin ! In a globalized interconnected world where we see stock markets falling 30% and more from their recent high entering bear market territory [...]

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Gold & Ratios: Are They Really Worth Much?

QUESTION:  Dear Martin , I had been following the the various gold bug theories since 2009 but became disillusioned after 2011 until I came across your site . What [...]

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Money Has Always Been What Was Available

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, most of the people in the gold community say you are wrong and gold has always been money. Would you care to respond? ANSWER: If you want [...]

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CSP500-W 2-16-2016

Does the Dow Need to Break the 2015 Low or Did the S&P 500 Fulfill That Requirement?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, since the S&P did break last year’s low, does that qualify for a slingshot if the Dow does not? Thank You for all you do GW [...]

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Will They Confiscate Gold Again?

QUESTION: Hello Marty, Is it your belief that they will (again) try to confiscate gold bullion coins when the going gets rough? If so, is there an alternative that [...]

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Bitcoin Reality

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong : Since you have deep knowledge about coins and currencies going back to ancient times, it would be really helpful to get your view of what [...]

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GCFOR-D 2-16-2016

Gold: What Now? February 16, 2016

QUESTION:  Hello Martin Today it seemed as if you posted a basically bearish Euro call and a temporary bullish Gold call. I understand that a crisis in the Euro [...]

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