2017 What Now

2017 Outlook Report Provides an Overview of the World Economy

The 2017 outlook report provides an overview of the world economy by connecting the dots globally.  We have looked at the Trump Rally or Trump Bubble that [...]

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The ECM Turning Point

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I thought the Bundy thing was a stretch. The Comey incident blew me away. Putin invaded the very day of the ECM last year. There are way too [...]

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Did Comey Come Out Precisely on Target of the ECM?

QUESTION: Marty, Comey came out right on the day of the ECM to announce a continued investigation into Hillary. Is this the key focus for this target? ANSWER: It [...]

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Did Something Happen of the ECM Turning Point?

Did something happen on the October 28th, 2016 turning point? Just maybe what clicked yesterday was the tipping point against government. The Bundys, who were the [...]

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The Computer Has No Human Bias or Input

QUESTION: Hi Martin: Thanks for your blog entries and daily market talk. Question: are the arrays independent of the outcomes of the USA election outcome? If they [...]

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DJFOR-W 6-24-2016 (2)

US Share Market for the Closing of June 24, 2016 Post-BREXIT

The Dow has fallen in a knee-jerk reaction to BREXIT, which really is hype thanks to politicians. The gains for Britain are clear. It escapes the forced [...]

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CRUDE-W 6-4-2016

Oil — Have We Reached the Next Turning Point?

COMMENT: MA, Someone said they sold the euro at 116 with a stop loss at 11705 and  sold gold at 1305 with a stop above last year’s high.  They earn a lot. But [...]

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Carrying the World-r

Confused? When Will This End?

QUESTION: Dear Martin, First of all, thank you for your daily blogs. First thing I read every morning. I can’t wait to attend Novembers Orlando conference. [...]

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GCNYNF-D 5-23-2016

Gold & the Dollar

QUESTION: Marty, it looks like the goldbugs will be wrong once again and you will be right after all. I can’t wait for your technical conference. My basic [...]

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DJIND-D 5-18-2016

Up – Down – Sideways? What is Going On?

Of course, the markets have been causing losses among the bulls as well as the bears. This is what they do and MUST do before they can actually make a decisive move [...]

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