All Eyes on Greece

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has completely failed the Greek people. He was elected to exit the EU but instead he has wiped out his country trying to stay in the [...]

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Greece warned Troika they are Playing with Fire

Greek Prime Minister Alexis  is finally getting some backbone thanks to BREXIT. He has now warned the IMF and the German Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang [...]

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ECB European Central Bank

ECB To Extend its Bond Buying Program into End of 2017

Mario Draghi, extended the European Central Bank (ECB) $ 1.74 trillion bond purchase program to support the economy by nine months to at least the end of December [...]

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Turkey Seizes Pro Turkish Members of Parliament & Cuts Social Media

We are getting reports that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has shut down WhatsApp which was used to coordinate the coup. This time the rumor is that HDP-Pro [...]

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Clinton Family

Emails Expose Hillary & Insider Trading on Greek Bailouts?

The Clinton scandals will provide endless TV entertainment, which may be more like a reality TV show with the Kardashians. Most people think it will be Donald [...]

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