Special Reports

Thank you for visiting our online store. Please note, we are working to update our online store with a new payments system. During this time, items below will show “out of stock”, BUT you can CLICK HERE TO ORDER ANY REPORTS from our online store, powered by Square.

Product Delivery:
Once your order is placed, the report(s) will be delivered via email from customerservice@armstrongeconomics.com and sent to the email address the order was placed under (this happens typically within 3 business days or less). Following the email delivery of the report, you will receive a second confirmation email of the item being “shipped”. Keep in mind, the charge on your credit card and receipt may reference AE Global Solutions, Inc. (owner of Armstrong Economics).

As a reminder, our reports are digital, and are delivered via email after you complete your order – there will be NO hardcopy reports mailed. Once it is delivered via email, as outlined above, the report(s)/order is considered “shipped”, and completed. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this process may cause while we work to update our original online store, here at ArmstrongEconomics.com.

Thank you for your business!

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