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US Supreme Court

Obama Argues Against Rights for Illegal Immigrants

While the left continues to bash Trump as a racist for his stand against migrants, the Obama Administration argued before the Supreme Court yesterday for the same [...]

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Britain Passes the Snooper Charter Ending ALL Privacy

Britain has passed what everyone calls the “snooper’s charter” otherwise known as the Investigatory Powers Bill. This [...]

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Clinton Bill - 9

Two Terabytes of Clinton Documents Have Vanished From National Archive – Presumed Stolen

Now two terabytes of Clinton documents while in the White House have been stolen from the National Archive. The documents stolen appear to contain memos, emails, [...]

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Comey-James FBI-Portrait

FBI Clears Hillary for Mishandling Classified Emails – AGAIN

FBI Director James Comey released an official statement saying that with respect to Hillary, “we have not changed the conclusions that we expressed in July [...]

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What Happens if Hillary is Indicted? Will She Be Impeached?

QUESTION: Marty; You are very good at constitutional law. What is your take if Hillary is indicted? Will she be impeached? ANSWER: A President cannot be impeached [...]

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SEC Administrative Law Courts are Unconstitutional

The U.S. federal courts do whatever they possibly can to avoid real issues to maintain powers that are clearly unconstitutional. I reported last year when Judge [...]

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Saudia Arabia to Sell All US Assets as Congress Overrides Obama Veto

Congress voted to override Obama’s veto that families of those killed in the terror attacks on 9/11 would not be allowed to sue Saudi Arabia. This is the [...]

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The Curse of Cash = Curse of Elitist Authors

The government has its pawns cheering the end of money. They are screaming that $1.4 trillion exists in cash and half of that is $100 bills. Justine Underhill [...]

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NSA Snowden

Congress Commits Treason Against the People

The arrogance of Congress & NSA knows no bounds. A U.S. congressional intelligence committee issued a critical report accusing Edward Snowden of treason, [...]

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Australia Elects Senator Who Was Thrown in Contempt Fighting Against Judges

Sen. Derryn Hinch (Vic-DHJP) was thrown in contempt and imprisoned for standing up against corrupt judges. He was elected to the Senate and made his Maiden Speech [...]

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