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DJIND-W 4-28-2017

The Dow Jones for the Close of April 2017

QUESTION:  Mr.Armstong in the past you talked of a down trun in the market in May.Since Trums TAX you have gave the impression everything is ok till 2018 is that [...]

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Eurozone Breakup

The Euro for Month-End April 2017

The Euro turning point on our Weekly Models still points to the week of May 8th. As we can see technically, the Euro is well below the Monthly Downtrend Line which [...]

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Flying Car

Google’s New Flying Car & the Future Could Be So Much Britighter

I found what I want for Christmas – Google’s prototype for a flying car. It would be really nice if we could ban all people from government who have [...]

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The Gold Reports & the Building of Volatility the Precursor to Chaos

Our first report will be released on Gold, Guns & War which illustrates how gold has historically reacted to different types of war events, both internationally [...]

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Private Blog Update for Gold’s Month-End Closing

Private Blog Update for Gold Going Into Month-End Closing for April [...]

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62 Cornall Gardens

London Property Sales Crashed 40% Thanks to Tax Increase

Where I use to live back in 1985 The London housing market sales has crashed to its lowest level now since 2013. We reported in November 2015 with the turn in the [...]

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IBEUUS-M 4-24-2017

The Fate of the Euro

QUESTION: The bounce in the Euro is a fool’s’ game? ANSWER: Absolutely. The Euro is doomed because especially if Le Pen loses, Brussels will be relieved [...]

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confederate submaribe George Dixon gold coin

A $20 Gold Coin that Saved a Life

A story that a sweetheart gave a Confederate soldier George Dixon a $20 gold coin dated 1860 as a good luck charm has been validated. The story was that George kept [...]

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Bose Spying on its Customers?

  Reuters is reporting that a lawsuit was just filed on Tuesday in federal court in Chicago seeking an injunction to stop Bose’s “wholesale [...]

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2017 Cycle of War

2017 The Cycle of War

QUESTION: Hi Marty. You mentioned the 224-year cycle is the cycle of political change. It seems it is the peak in confidence of government and all cycles align [...]

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