The Great Unwashed Are Getting Angry

COMMENT:  Hi Marty, Well, if the establishment in collusion with the MSM continues to pull dirty tricks and deny Trump the nomination or ultimately the election, [...]

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Surviving the Depression

Will Gold and Silver Become the Underground Currencies of the Future?

QUESTION: Martin … the reasoning behind goldbugs … advising people to buy gold to thwart the cashless society that govts will soon impose on us all. [...]

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Looking at the Future Clearly

QUESTION: Marty; I couldn’t stop reading the new Gold Report. All I can say is WOW. Thanks for showing your $5,000 target is not just pulled out of thin air [...]

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Earthquakes and Intensity

QUESTION:  I thank you for including in your studies even the most intricate of historical information…your work has been fascinating to watch. In regard to [...]

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PE Ratio 2007-2016

PE Ratio – Mania v Panic

QUESTION:  Hi Mr. Armstrong, Some of your readers, me included, wonder how the Dow is going to get to 23,000 or more, especially as we go through an economic [...]

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Nikkei 2003 - 2007 140%

Is There a Percentage Rally that Confirms a Change in Trend?

  QUESTION: Hello Martin, Can you verify the following statement: “No bear has ever resumed following a 20% rally.” As today marks a 21% [...]

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1-ECM 2032

TTIP: Will it Fail?

QUESTION:  Dear Mr. Armstrong, Your article on the trend set in motion with reference to Trump was fantastic. The world and how it ticks is truly fascinating, your [...]

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Collapse of the EU – Is it Inevitable?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The World Economic Conference was outstanding. Your theme that Europe was the focal point for the coming chaos has been proven valid with [...]

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2016 Election

It’s Just All Connected

COMMENT: Marty; it has taken me some time to digest your thinking. I just wanted to say you have opened my eyes and I can see the connections. Trump is a symptom [...]

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Does the IMF Follow our Forecasts?

COMMENT: Marty; it is clear that the IMF is reading your forecasts. No such agency has the power to provide any economic forecast whatsoever. The IMF is starting to [...]

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