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Digital Dollar & Civil War

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Electronic Dollar Digital

QUESTION #1:  Hi –
Martins blog post on the plan of canceling the currency Jan. 1st 2021 is very disturbing. Could he please clarify if that is indeed the plan and if it includes the USA. It is not entirely clear.


ANSWER #1: The Democrats have been trying desperately to join the World Economic Forum and Agenda 2030. They tried sneaking in a digital dollar into the coronavirus relief, but Trump had it removed. BigTech, mainstream media, and foreign leaders are all desperate to remove Trump so they can get going with Agenda 2030. If Biden takes the White House and the Republicans can hold the Senate, then we have a shot at a delay. But there cannot be a tie in the Senate for then the Vice President breaks those ties and you will lose everything. If Trump can prevail in the House by denying Biden 270 in the Electoral College, this will really upset this global agenda. So it is not yet conclusive as to whether the USA will join.

QUESTION #2: You once said that Gates, Soros et co.  They CANNOT manipulate the markets.  But in today’s blog 2020-11-27 about gold and bitcoin you say that they can manipulate everything?  Do you think they can also take away the shares?  What must we have in hand to save ourselves?  Help us!  Thanks!

QUESTION #2a: Hi, when you foresee a civil war in the United States, where will the flow of international capital go?


SV PUCK Silver Democrats R

ANSWER #2: No, they are trying to manipulate the world with a very large consortium led by the World Economic Forum. They will also fail. No individual market can be manipulated because there is ALWAYS international arbitrage. The Long Depression of the 19th century, which was known at first as the Great Depression until the 1930s, was caused by the Silver Democrats bribed by the silver miners who took 70 cents of silver and called it a dollar. They overvalued silver on the ratio to gold and the gold fled the country and silver poured in. They thought that they could force the rest of the world to accept their high price of silver but discovered that international arbitrary led to the USA virtually being bankrupted by 1896 as all the gold moved to Europe.

This attempt to manipulate the world economy will also fail. It cannot be done. Only fools and egotistic madmen try this lofty goal. They can talk about it all day long while drinking their fine French wine in a 5-star hotel and decide how the world should work. That does not mean they will succeed. This manipulation is being attempted by bribing world leaders, but they will never allow the people to vote on their scheme. They certainly will never even tell the people what they are really doing. They also do not have an army to invade countries that refuse their suppression. They will try to use the SWIFT system to force compliance or block them from the world economy. China and Russia are already setting up alternatives to SWIFT.

Mask Box


Nevertheless, these tyrannical academics have fooled at least 50% of the American population who think they will die without a mask. Just look at the box and it states it will not protect you from any disease. Yet people wear them as if they will protect against a virus that has a 99% recovery rate anyway. They are pretending there is a second wave when in fact they are now testing everyone whereas the first wave saw testing only when people came forward with some symptoms.

The hatred they have created will ONLY be resolved in a civil war. Free markets will collapse at that time and wealth will return to just tangible possessions that make the transition to the other side.