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2017 Countdown

The Future – Putting it All Together

This is the year of political hell. The question is not about supporting one side or the other. This is a time that calls for us not to be small petty creatures but [...]

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Bonds v Stocks

Bonds v Shares

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong As a long time reader I rarely see you mention the possible long term benefits of also holding corporate bonds. I understand the [...]

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Do Lower Interest Rates Promote Deflation?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You have said that the only way to reverse the deflation is to raise interest rates not lower them. I understand that the low rates only [...]

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Does the Fed Fear a Dollar Rally & Bond Crash?

  QUESTION: Numerous people have asked: Does the FED actually also see these trends coming (strong US dollar, bond crash) ? K. ANSWER: Yes. The Fed has sent [...]

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Fed v Congress

Fed has become World Central Bank

The U.S. Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged yet strongly indicated that it could still tighten monetary policy by the end of this year as the labor [...]

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Inflation – Deflation – Interest Rates

QUESTION: Is there a correlation between the GDP rate and interest rate ? Best regards, BL ANSWER: No. What central bankers fail to take into consideration is that [...]

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Global Debt with Negative Rates Reaches $12 Trillion

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, I am really confused regarding long-term interest rates – I had thought they were controlled by the markets – but it seems [...]

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