4th July

Happy 4th July – The King is Dead – Long Live Career Politicians Also for Life

Happy 4th of July The King is Dead – Long Live Career Politicians Also for Life (Note: Not so sure we actually won something. Back to taxation with no [...]

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Armstrong at Hack Miami Conference Tonight

Armstrong Speaking at HackMiami 2016 [...]

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Metals & Dow Update in the Private Blog

Metals & Dow update has been posted to the private [...]

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Give a Man a Job

Jimmy Durante captures the mood of the nation during the Great Depression in 1933 basis FDR’s [...]

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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – April 6th, 2016

It really felt like a day of two-halves today after a lack-lustre Asian session and a weak European morning. The Nikkei was again a talking point (or at least the [...]

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Market Closings

NYSE Closed on Friday

Good Friday The NYSE will close on Friday November 25, 2016. CME Equity products, Interest Rates, FX, Grains, CME Europe, and Korea Exchange (KRX) will be closed [...]

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Trading Course, Books, DVDs, & Computers – Progress Status Update

To answer all the questions on training courses, it is on the agenda. We have old tapes of training sessions that we will try to blend together with recent video. [...]

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We have had 3 times the normal amount of traffic today. We are urgently working to correct this problem. There is no password required nor is there any restricted [...]

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U.S. to Increase Defense Spending by 400% in Eastern Europe

The new budget proposal reveals that the U.S. military plans to quadruple its resources to confront “Russian aggression” and to strengthen its presence [...]

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