Erdogan Seizes Total Control of Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has achieved his dictator status which was his long-held ambition to expand his powers after the referendum handed him the [...]

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Theresa May

British PM Calls for Early Election

Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday called for an early general election to be held June 8, 2017. She is seeking a strong mandate as she negotiates [...]

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Happy Easter


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Martin Armstrong Soution

The Solution

People thought that Quantitative Easing was a drastic increase in money supply that would be inflationary. It was not. What they do NOT look at is that because [...]

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Thank You for your Concern-R

I’m OK

I greatly appreciate all the emails worrying about my health after Larry Edelson passed away. Generally speaking, I am in pretty good shape thanks to my genes. I am [...]

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Is Trump Fighting a Losing Battle?

QUESTION: Why couldn’t Trump turn the Budget crisis into an opportunity and simply tell the American people that we have a budget cap and we will live within [...]

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Time Magazine Joins the Questionable Journalists

QUESTION: Is there any validity to this latest pronouncement by Time Magazine that Trump should be impeached for the foreign-emoluments clause? ANSWER: This is up [...]

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Judicial Tyranny & Why We Need Strict Construction

COMMENT:  The Insanity of the EU Bureaucrats and the European Court of Justice (ECJ – The Vnuk Case Summary: In August 2007 Slovenian Damijan Vnuk working [...]

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CNN Leaks

Project Veritas has 200 Hours of CNN Audio leaks

Project Veritas has 200 hours of audio recordings from inside CNN and they have asked for help in transcribing everything. CNN is already trashing [...]

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yellen Janet

Fed & Its Balance Sheet

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; At the WEC you said the Fed would allow its balance sheet to eventually shrink, it was trapped and could not sell off its holdings. Yellen [...]

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