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Trump Sworn In

If US Election Were Held today – Trump Would Get More Votes Polls Show

The latest polls show that most people who voted for Trump are satisfied. When the same questions have been asking about Hillary, the opposite response appears. The [...]

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Does it Matter If You Are Born Outside USA to be President?

QUESTION: You said McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone and that raised the same question as Obama. In your legal view, was Obama qualified to be president or [...]

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Uncle Sam & Media

The Dollar – Media – Interest Rates – Politics

  QUESTION: Hi Marty, A couple of questions please.  When the Feds raised the rates last week why did the dollar mover lower?  Also, with the trend change [...]

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Obama DC Bunker

Jarrett & Obama Even Live Together – She is Said to be Fixated on Overthrowing Trump

The hot topic in Washington is that Jarrett has been behind the attempt to (1) investigate Trump under the pretense of National Security and (2) has been the one [...]

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Edelson Larry

Larry Edelson Passed Away at 62

Larry Edelson was a good friend of mine. Larry was a student of the markets. We knew each other from the early 1980s. Larry often wrote that I was his mentor and he [...]

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Evidence Hillary Was Briefed by Obama on Covert Abuse of Power to Target Trump

COMMENT: You have no proof that Obama briefed Hillary. You are just supporting Trump. REPLY: Here is Hillary’s Tweet dated October 31st, 2016 AFTER Obama [...]

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Governor of Washington

Governor of Washington Repeating the Arrogance of the ’60s

The governor of the State of Washington has actually declared war on the United States as a federal government signing an executive order to prevent any state [...]

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Jarrett from within White House May Have Launched a Watergate Style Attack on Trump During Election

I have been hearing about the Obama Administration wiretapping and trying desperately to uncover links of Trump and Putin without success for months. Obama was [...]

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Obama Engaged in Spying on Trump Campaign & May have Shared Intel with Schummer & Hillary

Trump’s Tweet that Obama was engaged in “wiretapping” the Trump campaign. The New York Times had the audacity to put on the front page saying [...]

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Oscars 2017

Has Hollywood Shot itself in the Head?

The Oscars has plummeted in viewership. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ was criticized last year for failing to nominate any minority actors for [...]

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