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Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko

Tax Revolt in Belarus Turning to Mass Arrests

For weeks now, thousands of people have gone public in Belarus to protest against a special tax for “little workers” and demanded the resignation of [...]

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NATO Troops moved from Germany to Poland on Weekend

Soldiers were moved on the weekend from the garrison at Vilseck and were restationed at Orzysz in Poland close to the border with Belarus. This was a NATO unit [...]

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Obamacare Survives thanks to Corruption as Usual

COMMENT: With all the talk of the failed healthcare bill, doesn’t people realize the medical and pharma are the biggest lobbyist to Washington? That’s [...]

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John McCain Recorded Propaganda Message Made for the Enemy

John McCain was born in Panama, not the United States. There was the same question with Obama – was McCain really qualified to run for President if he was not [...]

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Maple-Leaf Canada

Marxist Socialism now relabeled as the Sharing Economy

In Canada, I was in a discussion with a socialist politician. I was shocked at the response to their view of the economy that everything you earned belonged to the [...]

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How Capital Moves – Outward then Inward

QUESTION: Hello Martin, In your ‘Why the Crash & Burn is Public not Private’ post of 18 March, you have an image showing World Capital Investment. [...]

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Ponzi Charles (1882–1949)

Why Obamacare is the Biggest Fraud in American History & Was Designed to Be Exactly That!

When we look at the markets and try to ascertain the long-term direction, we must look at politics closely, for this holds the key. First, this is a Private Wave [...]

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Humpty Dumpty

NY Times First Reported Trump was Wiretapped Back in January

The New York Times print story on the front page of January 20th, 2017 read: “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides”. Of course now, the New [...]

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Winter Storm Stella March 15 2017

G20 Funding for Climate Change Dropped

Reuters is reporting that Germany was forced to drop the request for funding research into climate change. Meanwhile, just perhaps we will now be able to hear the [...]

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Pope Francis

The Coming New Schism within the Catholic Church?

  Just when you though the chaos of the 2016 Elections in the States was unusual, we are witnessing the fragmentation of society at every level and around the [...]

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