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Do the Democrats Hold an Anti-Religion Position?

The Podesta emails revealed a real anti-Catholic and anti-Evangelic religious position in the Democratic Party. For the party that was founded by the slave owner [...]

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Threats to Assassinate Trump

Schools such as Marshall High School in San Antonio are allowing skits portraying the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Twitter has revealed [...]

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Don’t Blame the Rich

COMMENT: Hi Martin, Not everyone hates the rich, for without them the lower class would have nothing. What people are angry about are the disgusting bonuses to [...]

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What Type of Government Should We Strive For?

Some ask why I only criticize the left and not the right. As the Guardian wrote, the left is on the rise. There are 50 shades between left and right. If we are [...]

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“From Under the Rubble” – The Battle Against the Left for Humanity

Anyone who questions that this is a battle to the death should read “From Under the Rubble.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn and six dissident colleagues, Mikhail [...]

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So What’s All the Protests Against Trump?

A gay lawyer, Dan Goldstein from Brooklyn, who had a child in his arms, outright abused everyone and Ivanka Trump with her husband and children when they were [...]

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The Future is Not as Dark As it Seems

I took this picture at the beach. At first glance, it is hard to tell if it is a sunrise or a sunset. For the record, it was a sunrise – the dawn of a new [...]

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The Real Story at Hampshire College

Chicago is where they dragged a man out of his car and beat him because he voted for Trump. Well, what’s going on at Hampshire certainly also gives us some [...]

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How Professors are Engaging in Undermining the Country in Colleges

A student in California videoed what his professor was saying in class and how they are trying to create a revolution. He actually said that the people who voted [...]

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Hatred of the Left Continues to Set Stage for Revolution

The hypocrisy of the left continues to brew and set the stage for the break-up of the United States. The left is always the most dangerous throughout history and [...]

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