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Corsica Riots 4-9-2017

The Left Becoming Violent in France As they Did Against Trump

In Corsica, the left has stormed into an appearance of Marine Le Pen to disrupt her campaign. The leftist group Ghjuventu Indipendentista claims to be Corsican [...]

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Yemen Protest Against Saudi March 2017

Mass Protests in Yemen Against Saudi Arabia

Two years after the start of the international war in Yemen, thousands of people in Sanaa have protested against the air raids of a Saudi-led military [...]

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Russian Protests 3-26-2017

Protests from USA to Russia

Civil Unrest is rising around the world. In the USA, demonstrations have been organized to support Donald Trump in a counter-demonstration move against the [...]

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Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko

Tax Revolt in Belarus Turning to Mass Arrests

For weeks now, thousands of people have gone public in Belarus to protest against a special tax for “little workers” and demanded the resignation of [...]

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Courthhouse March 2017

Ukrainian Revolution Continues

Many people have claimed that the Ukrainian Revolution was all orchestrated by the CIA. That claim comes from the conspiracy side of people who comment without any [...]

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Erdogan Flags

Another Coup Building in Turkey?

Our sources in Turkey are hinting that there is building the resentment against Erdogan and he knows that there is trouble in the wind. Erdogan is desperate to [...]

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Del Ray Lana

Lana Del Rey turn to Witchcraft to Get Rid of Trump While Protesters are the Pawns of Special Interests

The singer  Lana Del Rey is attempting to use witchcraft to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency. She Tweeted: “At the stroke of midnight, Feb 24, March 26, [...]

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Madonna Woman March

The Woman’s March

QUESTION: Didn’t Madonna advocate blowing up the White House? You haven’t commented on that. ANSWER: While Madonna’s speech at the Woman’s [...]

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Advocating the overthrow of Government is a Crime

The comedian Sarah Silverman, who spoke at the DNC National Convention for Hillary, tweeted that her 10 million followers should “wake up & join the [...]

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Obama - OFA

Democrats in Civil War Against Obama’s OFA?

Of course the brainwashed Democrats send in emails saying Obama is not behind the shenanigans of civil unrest. They just prefer to blame everyone but themselves and [...]

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