global warming

Is Europe the new Destination for the North Pole?

I explained that the poles of the Earth move. On the Sun, they flip every 11 years and that is part of the Sunspot phenomenon. The poles are by mo means constant. [...]

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Migrating Poles

COMMENT: Your stance on the global climate is absolutely correct. Global temperatures remain in a serious downtrend since the Minoan peak. As the Greenland ice [...]

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CO2 Cycle

Scientists First Predicted Ice Age – Not Global Warming in 1971   Back in 1971, the theory that burning fossil fuels would create an ice age, not global warming. The Washington Post [...]

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Trump Should Launch a Criminal Investigation of the NOAA – NOW!

The NOAA has been putting out bogus studies that contradict by scientists at the United Nation who said there was a “pause” in global warming. The U.N. [...]

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Lettuce Frozen

Extreme Cold Hitting Europe Creating Food Shortages & Rationing

Europe depends on food from Spain during the winter. With the climate turning down very hard toward a potential new mini ice age, the freezing cold, wet weather in [...]

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Bates John J

Whistle-blower From NOAA Blows Open Global Warming Conspiracy

A whistle-blower, Dr John Bates, who was a top NOAA scientist, has has come forward with hard evidence that the paper rushed out by the NOAA to influence the Paris [...]

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Snowing in Sahara

  It has actually snowed in the Middle East. It was 17 degrees (60f) in Aubu Dhabi today – the coldest anyone can remember. Some place that should be [...]

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Figueres Christiana

Global Warming is About Destroying Capitalism?

A shocking statement was made by a United Nations official Christiana Figueres at a news conference in Brussels. Figueres admitted that the Global Warming [...]

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World Weath 1-22-2017

Weather Changing

COMMENT: Hi Marty…youre a legend! its very evident there are deeper tones underlying our weather changes. If anyone traveled extensively over the last few [...]

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Solar Activity 2012

NASA Finally Admits It’s Going to Get Colder

NASA has actually admitted that there may be a link between the solar climate and the earth climate. “ recent years, researchers have considered the [...]

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