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Macedonia 3-26-2017

Macedonia Reject Soros & the EU Socialism

For 26-days straight, thousands of people have taken to the streets in order to send the message to Soros and European leaders that the people of Macedonia are a [...]

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Major John

The Financial Crisis 1992-1993

QUESTION: Marty, it is well known here in Britain that you advised Thatcher of course, but it was John Major you advised and even wrote what he said during the [...]

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European North v South

Dijsselbloem’s comments regarding the Southern Europe reflect the political bias – not the general public at large within Europe. There are different [...]

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Dijsselbloem Jeron Eurogroup

Jeroen Dijsselbloem insults Half of Europe

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Eurogroup President, has launched a storm of indignation as he insults half of Europe, illustrating the clash between the North and South. [...]

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Roosevelt Baking Cartoon

The Rise of Populism – Here to Stay

QUESTION: With the Netherlands voting against Wilders, do you think the tide is turning? Will Europe survive? ANSWER: It may have been a huge sigh of relief for [...]

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Can the EU Return to just a Trade Union?

QUESTION: Hi Marty, When the EU reaches their “Oh shit!” moment will it be able to devolve back into an Economic union? Is there any possibility that [...]

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Tusk Donald

EU Summit Reveals the Discontent – Are its Days Numbered?

The EU summit on Thursday ended illustrating the deep divisions and how the EU is collapsing. Poland has rejected the re-election of President Donald Tusk, who is [...]

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Dutch Elections – Ides of March is Upon Europe

  On March 15th, 2017, the Ides of March, we will see the Dutch elections which are the next big test of nationalist populism as it is being called by [...]

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Jacek Saryusz-Wolski

Polish MP Threatened to be Expelled for Challenging Donald Tusk

The EU is in serious trouble on all fronts. They are lashing out trying to maintain the supremacy of Brussels to dictate to the rest of Europe. Now the Polish [...]

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France 50-francs-1986

Rating Agencies Try to Influence French Elections

Standard & Poor’s (S & P) is being touted as once again trying to influence political elections as they did in Britain without success. While the US [...]

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