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Germany’s Misreading of Economic History is the Doom of the EU

Angela Merkel and her party remain clueless about the economic history of Germany which has been made apparent through her insistence upon austerity that is tearing [...]

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Eurozone Breakup

The EU Precedent also Lies in the Athenian Empire

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read your work on the euro from the nineties and how it would fail. Everything you laid out unfolded over the the subsequent 20 years. [...]

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An Irreversible Error: German Birth Rate Soars for the First Time in 33 Years

The irreversible error of the refugee crisis has resulted in the birth rate suddenly soaring in Germany for the first time in 33 years. The refugees are altering [...]

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Merkel’s Refugee Nightmare

The prospect of Merkel winning reelection dwindles with each terrorist attack. This time refugee “youths” set a homeless person on fire in the Berlin [...]

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Europe Starting to Break Apart

You can tell that Europe is breaking apart because the EU has gone too far. EU President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned against attempts to undermine or dissolve [...]

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McDonalds Leaves EU for Britain

The EU is just insane. They cannot comprehend how to run an economy. The abuse on taxation assessments in the EU has led to McDonalds relocating its international [...]

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ECB European Central Bank

ECB To Extend its Bond Buying Program into End of 2017

Mario Draghi, extended the European Central Bank (ECB) $ 1.74 trillion bond purchase program to support the economy by nine months to at least the end of December [...]

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Geert Wilders

Polls in Netherlands Show Political Upset in the Wind

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party soars ahead in polls and would win if the election were held today in the Netherlands. The political world is still in denial. [...]

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Renzi to Resign – Italy Follows the Global Trend – Votes NO

We are witnessing what a Private Wave is all about. The Italian Referendum came in on point with the NO vote at  59.4% against 40.6%. Our model is now four for [...]

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Why Politics is So Important Right Now – Markets Depend On The Confidence

Our computer has been doing a fantastic job forecasting BREXIT, then Trump and that Hollande would not make the final round for elections in France. But why are [...]

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