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Freedom of Movement – Four Aspects Under Assault

We tend to assume that the freedom of movement is confined solely to migration and travel. There are four aspects to the freedom of movement, and migration or [...]

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In the Midlands

COMMENT: Marty; It is fantastic that you take the time to address the Midlands . You are great and the only one who forecast BREXIT. Today’s show on the your [...]

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Elizabeth Warren Calls for the Dismissal of the Head of SEC Who Refuses to Comply with Law

Elizabeth Warren wrote to Obama demanding Mary Jo White, the head of the SEC, be fired. She wrote: “I do not make this request lightly.”  Warren has [...]

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Fuldaer Zeitung: “When increasing money supply causes deflation”

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I read your piece published in the German Press Fuldaer Zeitung yesterday how “When increasing money supply causes deflation”. [...]

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Ida Armstrong Mom 98th

Thank you For All the Birthday Wishes

Thank you for all the birthday wishes for my mother who seems to be a real celebrity after the Forecaster Movie. She turned 98 this [...]

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Government Preparing for Worldwide Civil Unrest – Why?

A number of emails have come in asking if we are advising the government since they are now enlisting firms to research a rise in civil unrest. The answer is no! [...]

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We Made Front Page of Reddit

We made the front page of Reddit today. This is bringing in more than 3000 visitors to the site per minute. Our systems did not crash, but the site did slow down. [...]

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