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Maple-Leaf Canada

Marxist Socialism now relabeled as the Sharing Economy

In Canada, I was in a discussion with a socialist politician. I was shocked at the response to their view of the economy that everything you earned belonged to the [...]

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Dog House Property Tax

Taxing Property Going Crazy

The Left is fighting so hard to keep dominating everyone else, that it is hard not to see how society in starting to implode in the West. In Norway, the hunt for [...]

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Tax Defining Rich

Small Business was the Backbone of the Economy

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; My family have been lifelong democrats and operated a small local business. We were never in the multi-million dollar class, but always [...]

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Rome’s Flat Tax Created the Biggest Economic Boom in History

  In the earliest days of the Republic Rome’s taxes were quite modest, and were not direct, but were a property tax or a wealth tax on all forms of [...]

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EU Restri8ctions on Cash

Europe’s Latest Steps to Eliminate Cash Post-Davos

Within days of Davos, here is the European Commission statement on moving forward to eliminate cash. This is an “Inception Impact Statement” to provide [...]

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Trump & His Wall – Just a Sign of a Greater Problem

QUESTION: Do you support Trump’s wall? ANSWER: A wall will not end the crisis. You can use boats as well. What are the issues? First, the purpose of the wall [...]

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Eliminating Currency = Communism

Columbia University Economist Joseph Stiglitz says that the United States should phase out currency and move towards a digital economy. All of these people [...]

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Trump’s Tax Reduction Follows John F. Kennedy Approach

Of course, the left is focusing on how much the “rich” pay while ignoring the entire issue of taxes. When I debated Steve Forbes and Governor James [...]

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Government Requiring ID For Anyone Buying at Sotheby’s

As of January 1, 2017, you can no longer buy anything at Sotheby’s without proving who you are. I have bought many things from Sotheby’s over the past [...]

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British Police

Woman Fined for Pouring Coffee Down Sewer

Sue Peckitt, 65, poured a cup of coffee down the street drain and then threw the cup in a public garbage can. The police then gave her a ticket for 80 pounds. [...]

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