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Rome’s Flat Tax Created the Biggest Economic Boom in History

  In the earliest days of the Republic Rome’s taxes were quite modest, and were not direct, but were a property tax or a wealth tax on all forms of [...]

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EU Restri8ctions on Cash

Europe’s Latest Steps to Eliminate Cash Post-Davos

Within days of Davos, here is the European Commission statement on moving forward to eliminate cash. This is an “Inception Impact Statement” to provide [...]

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Trump & His Wall – Just a Sign of a Greater Problem

QUESTION: Do you support Trump’s wall? ANSWER: A wall will not end the crisis. You can use boats as well. What are the issues? First, the purpose of the wall [...]

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Eliminating Currency = Communism

Columbia University Economist Joseph Stiglitz says that the United States should phase out currency and move towards a digital economy. All of these people [...]

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Trump’s Tax Reduction Follows John F. Kennedy Approach

Of course, the left is focusing on how much the “rich” pay while ignoring the entire issue of taxes. When I debated Steve Forbes and Governor James [...]

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Government Requiring ID For Anyone Buying at Sotheby’s

As of January 1, 2017, you can no longer buy anything at Sotheby’s without proving who you are. I have bought many things from Sotheby’s over the past [...]

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British Police

Woman Fined for Pouring Coffee Down Sewer

Sue Peckitt, 65, poured a cup of coffee down the street drain and then threw the cup in a public garbage can. The police then gave her a ticket for 80 pounds. [...]

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Socialism v Capitalism

Where to Draw the Line Between Charity & Socialism

QUESTION:  A helping hand is not socialism I get perturbed about the lack of distinction between socialism and where a helping hand of the kindly state ends. I [...]

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Car in Snow

Police Are Here to Extort Us – Not Protect Us

The Police gave a man in Roseville, Michigan a $128 ticket for warming his car up in his driveway. Police Chief James Berlin refuses to admit the police are out [...]

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Trump – Taxes – World Capital Flows

QUESTION: I wonder if you might clear something up regarding the fabled corporate cash hoard parked overseas? Must this be held in non-USD form thus taking an FX [...]

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