Socialism Marxism

End of Socialism will Be A Tumultuous Hard Landing

QUESTION: Hi Martin: I’d love to believe that the collapse of this dead-end ideology is imminent, but when one looks at just the media situation in the [...]

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Redwood John

British Press Gearing Up to Destroy Britain – Fake News Empidemic

John Redwood, a prominent and experienced Brexit MP, posted on his blog today ( about doing an interview on British Press: The BBC [...]

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Uncle Sam & Media

Syria – Pipeline – How The Press Will Not Tell the Truth about Syria

With all the attacks upon Trump as having some covert connection with Putin to defeat Hillary when nothing hacked from the DNC was ever said to have been faked or [...]

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Censorship – Trying to Cover Up the Truth

QUESTION: I have concluded that you are the most censored analyst perhaps in history and they always said you were the guy who knew too much. I even read that in a [...]

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Obamagate = the new Watergate? Confidence in Gov’t & Press to Decline further

Things are going to get interesting. Of course mainstream media will say this brewing scandal is fake news. Nevertheless, my sources have been talking about this [...]

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Capitol Hill

The Meltdown in Politics

The political world is melting down. The press is so bought and paid for and lost all sense of impartial reporting just the news. All I can say is this is the [...]

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Is the Media Trying to Reestablish the Establishment?

They say that knowledge is power. This is why the media has been engaging in outright propaganda and they hate Trump for he has been using Twitter to bypass the [...]

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OKeefe James

Project Veritas to release leaked Film of Fake News from Inside CNN?

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas claims it has “hundreds of hours of tape from within the establishment media”  that will expose just how fake [...]

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Friedman Thomas

Unbelievable How Mainstream Media Has Become Just Liars

  Thomas Friedman of the New York Times demonstrates why mainstream media is just becoming so bought and paid for. You have to wonder if they should not be in [...]

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