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Money Changers Refusing to Accept Australia $100 Bills

Because Australia has convened a commission to terminate the $100 bill, in the wake of the currency being cancelled overnight in India, there is a growing distrust [...]

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Year-End Closing – Private Blog

Private Blog Update for Year-End Closing Dow – Euro – [...]

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Euro v Dollar for Hoarding

  QUESTION: Hello Martin, A year ago or so you said ‘ I highly recommend Europeans to hoard Dollars instead of Euros. I suppose that hasn’t [...]

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The Dollar with a Trump Victory

The dollar should make a reaction to the downside with a Trump victory, which is totally illogical. We need a weekly closing ABOVE 11284 to signal some [...]

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World Economy

The Week in Review – July 11, 2016

The world economy is clearly causing the fundamentalists to flip-flop endlessly. They offer only opinions, and these are the times that will break the reasoning of [...]

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The Euro on the Brink of Disaster

  We are looking at the collapse of Europe unfold much faster than anyone suspected. I have been warning that the Continental EU banks are in serious trouble. [...]

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Fate of the Euro

QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong. I attended the Berlin conference and already enrolled for Orlando as well. I have a question regarding the EURO. It is obvious that [...]

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IBEUUS-Q 7-1-2016

Euro Closes for June at 11095

The euro closed for June on the cash feed at 11095, which was just a hair under the May low of 11098. This is not a Reversal, but merely a technical indication of [...]

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Pound Jump

The Pound & Euro For Month-End

We can see that the green uptrend line has been penetrated previously on this decline. Nevertheless, the euro is unable to rally beyond that 116 level where it [...]

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British Pound Symbol

It’s Not the British – It’s the EU

  While everyone is busy blaming the Brits, the real culprit is the EU. The audacity of various EU ministers demanding immediate withdraw is akin to a spouse [...]

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