Debt Burden v Equities

QUESTION: Hey Marty, If the US debt bubble bursts, how does this not affect the banks and insurance companies, as they hold over $1 trillion worth of US debt? [...]

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Pointing finger blaming others

Bond Holders will Blame Others for Their Losses

QUESTION: Hello Martin I am beside myself when I look at the disconnect that we are seeing in relation to the US equity market and the US bond market.   Are [...]

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Bonds & Climate Change

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your Global Market Watch picked the high in bonds perfectly and called it a major high. I have to say, the system you have created [...]

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Can Rates Rise with Deflation?

QUESTION: Hi Marty, How does the model’s call for deflation (earlier blog posts) fit in with the likely major cycle low in interest rates (per your recent [...]

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$50 War Bond

Beware of Bond Funds

QUESTION #1: Dear Mr Armstrong, you recently wrote that if you are in any bond fund, better get out. Do you also mean corporate short-term/medium-term bonds or are [...]

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ECB European Central Bank

ECB To Extend its Bond Buying Program into End of 2017

Mario Draghi, extended the European Central Bank (ECB) $ 1.74 trillion bond purchase program to support the economy by nine months to at least the end of December [...]

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US 30-Year Bonds — the Party Is Over

On July 11, 2016, the 30-year bond peaked on the nearest futures at 177110. The 30-year Treasury yield fell to 2.088%, and on that day, the Swiss government [...]

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Private Blog for Month-End Closing

Private Blog Update for Bonds – Dow – [...]

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Peak in Bonds/Low in Interest Rates – Is it Time Yet?

If there was ever any question that this is a bond bubble with a 5,000-year low in interest rates, the final bit of insanity just took place. Italy managed to sell [...]

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Gold – Dollar – Bonds

QUESTION: Hi, I have two questions: a) do you believe US dollar has been kept artificially lower than it should be (or at least in long range trading range) by at [...]

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