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Conferences & Events

Armstrong Economics has hosted events across the globe to accommodate international clientele at various levels. Events are typically announced a few months in advance, and virtual attendance via live stream is now available. Due to the increasing popularity of our events, tickets often sell out quickly.

Keep checking in for updates on 2023 events!

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For more information or to register for one of the upcoming webinars on the Economic Confidence Model, click on the below link.

Understanding the ECM with Erwin Pletsch 2023 Q1 (ticketspice.com)*
*2023 World Outlook Financial Conference Attendees, make sure to use your coupon code at checkout!

Due to the high demand and interest surrounding the Economic Confidence Model (ECM) and its history, we are offeringĀ a new educational webinarĀ on the Economics Confidence Model (ECM) and the global business cycle. This session is suited for all people interested in the cyclical nature of the global economy. While it is certainly beneficial if you have studied the ECM before, it is not required.

This webinar will explain the origins, characteristics, and turning points of the Economic Confidence Model. March 14, 2022, is the next ECM turning point approaching, and we would like to help users better understand the model. The webinar will be led by Erwin Pletsch, who has over 30 years of experience following Martin Armstrongā€™s research and using the ECM model.

For a full description of the session or to sign up, pleaseĀ click here. Please note that the dates are not listed on the calendar below but can be found by clicking on the provided link.

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