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Conferences & Events

Armstrong Economics hosts events across the globe to accommodate international clientele at various levels. Events are typically announced a few months in advance. Due to the increasing popularity of our events, tickets often sell out quickly.

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Our World Economic Conferences (WEC) provides a rare glimpse into our financial futures, enable attendees to learn from the leading economic expert, and attract like-minded individuals from around the world. As a politician and past guest speaker Nigel Farage said, the WEC is “the alternative to Davos.” Perhaps our past attendees can explain it best: click here to read testimonials from conference attendees.

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2020 Upcoming Events

The 2020 World Economic Conference 

Orlando (December 4 & 5)


(ONLY Virtual Ticket Available at this time. In-Person Tickets are SOLD OUT!!)

Please read the following important information regarding this event. The link to our registration page for more information and to purchase tickets is at the bottom of the page.

As global events continue to unfold, following patterns we’ve been highlighting for years, with careful consideration we are making every effort to move forward with our upcoming WEC scheduled for December 4th and 5th in Orlando, FL

Although this is primarily a Virtual Event, we have been working closely with the hotel to make limited seating available for in-person attendance in addition to the virtual (online) ticket.

Unfortunately with current international travel restrictions, we had to limit the availability of the in-person tickets to US residents only (now SOLD OUT), leaving the virtual ticket as the only option at this time. We will of course monitor the situation and if these restrictions are lifted (and/or space restrictions ease up) we may be able to make additional in-person tickets available. 

Please note: Although in-person attendance is restricted to US residents only, anyone may purchase a virtual (online) ticket including US residents where attending in-person is not an option.

Ticket Options:

We are excited to bring you our first-ever live streaming ticket for the 2020 World Economic Conference! With travel restrictions still in place both within the US and abroad the virtual ticket will be the only option for most.

Virtual attendees will be provided exclusive live streaming access to see the event as it is happening. Can’t attend live? This ticket also includes a video recording you can watch anytime! Also included with this ticket are any digital materials* provided before and after the event and presentation slides. Any ‘swag’ items handed out at the event are not included with the virtual ticket, and will only be provided to those attending in person.

Again, this is primarily a virtual event as in-person will be heavily restricted. For this reason, we are making every effort to make sure our virtual attendees feel like they are there! We are working closely with our AV and production crew to make sure those attending online will have an opportunity to ask questions during designated Q&A sessions in the same way those attending in-person will have to submit their questions.

In-Person attendees will also receive all digital materials*, the video recording, presentation slides, and included in the items handed out at the event will be a signed copy of The Cycle of War and Coronavirus book. This hardcover book is currently in the publishing process and should be available for purchase by the conference.

*Digital material includes recent reports mentioned on the blog The 2020 Gold Silver Ratio, 2020 US Elections and Beyond, 2020 Sovereign Debt Crisis Report, and Agricultural Report. All of these reports will be included with either a virtual or in-person ticket purchase.

Safety Measures:

As previously mentioned we are working closely with the hotel and following all safety protocols. We truly feel our long-standing partnership with this hotel is proving integral to ensure the event will run as smoothly, and safely as possible. Following the safety protocols in place, we still may be able to host our popular cocktail reception, but this determination will be made closer to the event, and as always this is optional to attend.

For this event some of the changes we are implementing to ensure attendees safety and comfort will be assigned seating based on the order of ticket purchase, and handling event registration through the front desk or guest room to eliminate attendees gathering both outside the room for priority seating, and to check-in with the event staff. With a smaller group and one of only a few events onsite at the hotel, we will have space and numbers on our side to ensure a smooth event and customized experience. Watch this video to see the ways the hotel is ensuring they are EVENT READY.