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Gallup Poll: Trust Level of Mainstream Media Falls to 32%

Gallup first began asking if Americans trusted the mainstream media in 1972. America’s trust and confidence in mainstream media stood at its highest level [...]

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Google’s Biased Search Engine Exposed – Can They Be Trusted Anymore?

Hillary Clinton’s ties to Google, CNN, PBS, and The New York Times illustrate the conspiracy among these organization who tried to help Hillary be crowned [...]

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Bill Gates – Victim of Propaganda?

  QUESTION: Once again Martin your information and explanations are top class. Indian demonetisation, supportive stories in Australian press of ending the [...]

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The Color Purple – Not the Movie but a Revolutionary Movement

USA Today showed this photo by Olivier Douliery, it portrayed the color purple as the very words handed to them by Clinton, Inc.: “Purple is the blend of red [...]

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Trump on Syria


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Trump Tackles Student Loans

Trump has proposed capping student debt at 12.5% of their income and a debt forgiveness at 15 years. Yes this will cost something, but it is the only way to unwind [...]

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Can Americans Bring in Their Own Refugees? Maybe!

The US Department of State is considering the implementation of a refugee program to allow US citizens to accept refugees from abroad at their own expense. [...]

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War Cycle on Target – Sad to Say

All indications are now pointing to war between the USA and Russia. It appears the powers that be in Washington fear a Trump victory and he would end nation [...]

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yellen Janet

Did the Fed Really Say they Could Buy Stocks?

The Fed told Congress it would buy stocks if Congress allowed it. This statement has caused a lot of people to scratch their heads. Will this cause all the stock [...]

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US-224 Yr 1775-1999

The USA is in its Death Throes

Obama is reviewing the ban on military weapons for police forces after multiple instances of deliberate attacks on police officers. Instead of prosecuting the bad [...]

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