Obama is the Source of the Coup

QUESTION: Do you think the leaks are a soft coup? HF ANSWER: The Obama administration intentionally set the stage knowing what they were doing was designed to [...]

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Warren the American Indian Minority?

QUESTION: Marty; How can Elizabeth Warren yell and scream at anyone in business when she herself lied and claimed to be part American Indian? Not even the [...]

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Bates John J

Whistle-blower From NOAA Blows Open Global Warming Conspiracy

A whistle-blower, Dr John Bates, who was a top NOAA scientist, has has come forward with hard evidence that the paper rushed out by the NOAA to influence the Paris [...]

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Cohen Stephen

Deep State Told Obama to Prevent Trump from Ending Cold War with Russia

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Why do you defend Russia when they obviously tried to influence the election to defeat Hillary? You seem to be biased on this issue. Let me [...]

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Trump Goes to Work First Night

President Donald Trump on his very first night on Friday signed an executive order aimed at fulfilling one of his top campaign promises: Rolling back Obamacare. [...]

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Pharmaceutical Corruption

Here is the latest example of corrupt politicians voting in favor of their own self-interests. Bernie Sanders may be a bit fanatical, yet he has been trying to push [...]

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Soros Should be Banned from Hungary

I still believe that George Soros is extremely dangerous with his ideas of Open Society. Hungary’s vice chairman of the ruling Fidesz party, Szilard Nemeth [...]

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Clinton Cash

Clinton Global Initiative – Core of their Foundation is Closing Down

The collapse of the Clinton Foundation is in full swing demonstrating that this was all really about selling influence. Given the bad press for the Clinton [...]

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Car in Snow

Police Are Here to Extort Us – Not Protect Us

The Police gave a man in Roseville, Michigan a $128 ticket for warming his car up in his driveway. Police Chief James Berlin refuses to admit the police are out [...]

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Is Trump Draining the Swamp or Filling It?

Trump has broken his word and is by no means draining the swamp — he is filling it. He has really betrayed a lot of people by his nomination of Gary D. [...]

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