Obamacare Survives thanks to Corruption as Usual

COMMENT: With all the talk of the failed healthcare bill, do people not realize the medical and pharma are the biggest lobbyist to Washington? That’s why [...]

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Ponzi Charles (1882–1949)

Why Obamacare is the Biggest Fraud in American History & Was Designed to Be Exactly That!

When we look at the markets and try to ascertain the long-term direction, we must look at politics closely, for this holds the key. First, this is a Private Wave [...]

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Humpty Dumpty

NY Times First Reported Trump was Wiretapped Back in January

The New York Times print story on the front page of January 20th, 2017 read: “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides”. Of course now, the New [...]

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Pelosi Summer

Why Removing Trump Will Lead to Civil War

QUESTION: Marty; It seems that the left is winning in preventing Trump from really reforming anything and the Republicans themselves are divided over Obamacare. Do [...]

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Money or Government – Which is the Problem?

QUESTION: Hugo Salinas Price raised the introduction of silver as a duel currency in Mexico. The 1 ounce coin with no number of pesos listed on it (possible no [...]

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Wire Tap

Did Obama Wiretap Trump Tower?

QUESTION: Do you think there is evidence that Obama did a wiretap of Trump Tower? ANSWER: No! Trump used the term “wiretap” as it used to be that way 20 [...]

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Bharara Preet

NY Prosecutor Preet Bharara Who Protected Bankers is Fired

The Trump administration moved on Friday to sweep away virtually all of the remaining vestiges of the Obama administration prosecutors at the Justice Department. [...]

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Wikileaks Blows the Doors off of Silicon Valley

Wikileaks has published Vault 7 which contained thousands of documents. Wikileaks now says the CIA has hacked into Apple and Android smartphones, Windows computers [...]

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Connecting Dots

Connecting the Dots

Understanding that one must watch the world to ascertain the trend even domestically is critical – this is what separates a domestic trader from a [...]

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CIA Can Tap Your TV to Smartphone & Everything Between

WikiLeaks has just released a massive trove of documents and files on Tuesday which exposes how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hacks smartphones, computer [...]

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