confederate submaribe George Dixon gold coin

A $20 Gold Coin that Saved a Life

A story that a sweetheart gave a Confederate soldier George Dixon a $20 gold coin dated 1860 as a good luck charm has been validated. The story was that George kept [...]

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Getting the Facts Straight – Are they Just Oblivious to our History?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I was reading one analyst who claims we need a new dollar. He said that in 1832 Gold coins were produced at a face value of $20 each, and [...]

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1837 Panic

When Sovereign Defaults Create a Depression

The 1840 Presidential Election took place in the midst of a great depression that was set in motion by State Sovereign Defaults after Andrew Jackson shut down the [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

  Happy Valentine’s Day which has evolved into simply a tradition of showing one’s love for someone of the opposite sex including your mother or [...]

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Is Christianity in Decline?

Pope Francis is rather concerned about what he calls a “hemorrhage” of priests and nuns from the Catholic church. Indeed, the loss of clergy is [...]

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Chaioteer Token

The Sports Cycle and Western Society

In May 2015, U.S. federal prosecutors filed criminal indictments against fourteen FIFA employees and associates in connection with an investigation by the United [...]

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California dreaming

California files Petition to Secede from USA – CALEXIT

A proposal for California to secede from the United States was actually submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office this week. The proposed “CALEXIT” [...]

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Tower of Babel Bruegel - Peter

Currency v Language

QUESTION: Do language and currencies move in line with each other? Is language a leading indicator to currency i.e. Spanish in California. Will they create their [...]

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Monetary Devaluations & Cancellations

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; What Modi has done here in India is far worse than what the press reports. I read your piece that this is part of a larger plan discussed [...]

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Tiberius-Bust - R

Bringing All the Sources Together

QUESTION: Hi Martin! I have been enjoying readings in your rich (in knowledge) website and writings in my vacations here in Southern South America. Between one [...]

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