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Elizabeth Warren Calls for the Dismissal of the Head of SEC Who Refuses to Comply with Law

Elizabeth Warren wrote to Obama demanding Mary Jo White, the head of the SEC, be fired. She wrote: “I do not make this request lightly.”  Warren has [...]

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Government Preparing for Worldwide Civil Unrest – Why?

A number of emails have come in asking if we are advising the government since they are now enlisting firms to research a rise in civil unrest. The answer is no! [...]

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Apple v FBI

Apple Wins Against FBI in Drug Case

The government is demanding Apple to create a program to hack phones under the excuse of “terrorism” as a threat to national security. The FBI in New [...]

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Hollywood – Ready or not; Here We Come

COMMENT: A Hollywood feature film – well done. And you’re circumspect enough to realize it’s “the collective”, “the [...]

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Antonin Scalia

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Died In His Sleep

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died at the age of 79 in his sleep. He was on a hunting trip in Texas with friends and went to bed Friday night [...]

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Is There Something More Important Than Money?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You were named hedge fund manager of the year with the most amazing public track record which nobody has ever come close to matching. You [...]

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Judge Walker Is The Same Judge Who Fined a Lawyer For Filing a Suit on 9/11

A number of emails have asked if this was the same Judge Walker who fined a lawyer by the name of William Veale for asking him to remove himself from an appeal [...]

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Legal Reform – Learning From the Mistakes of the Past

Typically, the first thing society addresses that sparks a revolution is the abuse of justice. Shakespeare’s famous quote, “The first thing we do, [...]

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Summers & Why Economics Refuses to Forecast

  QUESTION: Marty, Regarding the brief clip of Larry Summer’s opining on why economic declines are hard to predict, I was struck by the 2nd part of his [...]

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Subjective Analysis

QUESTION: Marty, it has become obvious that the analysts who try to attack you personally are the very people who hurt so many for they forecast only on opinion. [...]

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