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The End of Quantitative Easing – Perhaps Now It Will Be Inflationary?

One of the greatest monetary experiments in financial history has been the global central bank buying of government debt. This has been touted as a form of “money [...]

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Freedom Caucus

Freedom Caucus & Big Bang

I have been warning that we are headed directly into the collapse of socialism; not capitalism, simply because politicians have been bribing people’s votes [...]

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The Euro Crisis & The Previous Debt

QUESTION: Hello Martin, I understand and agree to what you are saying in your post however I cannot understand what you mean when you say that: “Secondly, [...]

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How Capital Moves – Outward then Inward

QUESTION: Hello Martin, In your ‘Why the Crash & Burn is Public not Private’ post of 18 March, you have an image showing World Capital Investment. [...]

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Crash & Burn

The Crash & Burn

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, you’ve mentioned the term “Crash and Burn” many times over the last few months. My question is, what will the [...]

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Pi Day-R

Happy Pi Day – Tomorrow is the Ides of March

While today is know as Pi Day, tomorrow is the fateful Ides of March and indeed to Trump we must say – Beware! It clearly appears that the Treasury has been [...]

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Financial Crisis

Real Estate & the Financial Crisis

QUESTION: Hello Armstrong, Thank for you the great post “The Future – Putting it All Together”. It helps a lot to get a good overview, [...]

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2017 Countdown

The Future – Putting it All Together

This is the year of political hell. The question is not about supporting one side or the other. This is a time that calls for us not to be small petty creatures but [...]

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The Sovereign Debt & Pension Crisis Expanding

While the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop Trump along with Republican political elites such John McCain, and the shadow elites fund protests, [...]

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The Obama-Boehner Debt Crisis

The debt deal struck by President Barack Obama and the then House Speaker John Boehner back in October 2015, was done purposefully to ensure that the debt crisis [...]

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