Anti-Global Warming Scientists Are Hoping to be Heard

Researchers who see the whole climate change/global warming theory as bogus and by no means a planet-ending crisis are hopeful that the incoming Trump [...]

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Incendiary Sky

COMMENT: I live on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic in a little town which is one of the kite and wind surfing spots in the world …. while driving [...]

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Climate Change – the New Religious Cult

This is the picture that was used to start the global warming movement that man supposedly created. Of course, since the weather is not consistently warmer, they [...]

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The History of Climate Change — Empires Fall When Warming Turns to Cooling

QUESTION:  Hi Martin I have a question I hope you can find time to answer. It appears we are heading into dark times with regards to the convergence of all of [...]

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Trump Picks Climate Change Skeptic for EPA

President-elect Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt is a major change from the Obama Administration’s insane EPA ‘climate’ regulations. Trump’s pick [...]

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1901 Expedition Logbooks Confirm There is no Global Warming

OOPS! Antarctic sea ice has not changed for more than 100 years. This further demonstrates that the global warming created by man is just a fraud to get more taxes. [...]

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A New Meaning to “Fresh Blood”

New research is giving new meaning to the term “fresh blood” and an additional motive to the legend of Dracula. In a recent study, U.S. researchers [...]

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Pacific Ring of Fire – New Zealand now Japan

A major quake has hit New Zealand and days later Japan. Unfortunately, this is in line with our model as we head toward our destiny with a crash in the energy [...]

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NASA Reports Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum

NASA has reported that Antarctic sea ice (different from Artic ice) reached a new record maximum. Meanwhile, top Russian scientist Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, who [...]

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Colosseum Severus Alexander

A 6.6 Earthquake Hits Northwest of Rome

Our models have been showing a rising trend for earthquakes in several key positions. They too are cyclical in nature and as such can also be forecast. The [...]

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