Reader Comments & Observations

COMMENT #1:  Regarding your post Currency vs Language, I wanted to add that in NY I have an abundance of IT co-workers that are H1-B visas holders working as [...]

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Language & Culture are the Keys

QUESTION: Martin Really enjoy the blog & Socrates. Has given me insights I otherwise would have never had. You have mentioned that one of the reasons why the [...]

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What Books Are There on Monetary History?

QUESTION: Sir, My son is studying US History this year in 8th grade. You have a lot on your plate and appreciate what you have been doing for us. What is the best [...]

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Looking futures

Losing Sleep Over Banks

QUESTION: Hello Martin, If i have exposure to various banking counterparties in europe – what do i do from running a fund mgmt business as i m a bearish on [...]

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Union Strike - r

Tariffs – Labor – Consumer

QUESTION: If Donald trump issues a tariff on countries like china will that cause the price of goods from china to go up in price?? Also is he correct by saying it [...]

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Censorship? Manipulating the News?

COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Is there a bug in my computer or has the latest the Nigel Farage video been removed from your blog? I also can’t find the recent [...]

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Is Obedience to Authority the Explanation?

QUESTION: Marty, your point is well taken that we instinctively seek a guru be it in forecasting or politics. We have to understand we are doing that in order to [...]

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1-When Genius Failed

Why Models Fails – Increased Use or Faulty Design?

QUESTION:  It seems successful trading/investing/forecasting systems work only when used by a few. When these same systems get adopted by more and more users their [...]

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The Ides of March – Pi Marked the End of the Roman Republic

COMMENT: Marty, I figured out why you bought the bust of Julius Caesar commissioned by Cleopatra. He was assassinated on the ides of march and that is effectively [...]

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Fabric of Space Time

Space Time – The Chicken or the Egg?

Fabric of Space Time QUESTION: Dear Mr.Armstrong, Do you think of cycles and time as the same thing and interchangeable? Is it time that defines the architecture of [...]

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