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India is the Guinea Pig for Electronic Money

QUESTION: Dear Marty, What could be the true intentions of Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi in India cancelling the currency overnight. I have been [...]

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Don’t Blame the Rich

COMMENT: Hi Martin, Not everyone hates the rich, for without them the lower class would have nothing. What people are angry about are the disgusting bonuses to [...]

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The ECB is Insolvent Based on Their Standards

As we approach 2017, the euro appears far worse than anyone could imagine. The biggest hypocrite is actually Mario Draghi who is outrageously managing the [...]

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Bill Gates – Victim of Propaganda?

  QUESTION: Once again Martin your information and explanations are top class. Indian demonetisation, supportive stories in Australian press of ending the [...]

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Bankers: Have They Ever Been Good?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong: I hope you are well. I ask you: 1. What were the contributions to the economy and international trade, of the great bankers of the modern [...]

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EU Parliament

Brussels Contemplates Outlawing Short Selling on European Bank Stocks

The European banks are in much worse shape than their US competition. The reason being argued in Europe is that the US government imposed a ban on speculation [...]

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Nonperforming Loans in European Banks 10x that of U.S. Banks

American banks would rather return to the USA than strengthen their activities in the Eurozone. The U.S. banks, overall, now expect the EU to simply disintegrate. [...]

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It’s Not a Banking Crisis – This is Just a Learning Process says ECB Member

QUESTION: Mr, Armstrong, Just how stupid do these leaders really think we are? The ECB Governing Council member Ewald Nowotny said there is no banking crisis. [...]

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yellen Janet

Did the Fed Really Say they Could Buy Stocks?

The Fed told Congress it would buy stocks if Congress allowed it. This statement has caused a lot of people to scratch their heads. Will this cause all the stock [...]

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Deutsche Bank – The Meltdown Crisis

Ten of the large hedge funds are withdrawing from Deutsche Bank. What must be understood here is that Deutsche Bank is the main clearing house for trades in Europe. [...]

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