Markets in Review for the Close of Q1 2016

When you have a consistent system that is running on absolutely everything around the world, you can simply look at it dispassionately and judge everything by the [...]

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Closings Today will be the Year-End Signals

  Below is the holiday schedule for the markets. The closing for our models will be TODAY, and for the most part, this will be a full normal day. We are [...]

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Stock Market vs. Currency Inflation

QUESTION: Hello Marty Great conference! If the EM Debt implodes wouldnt the stock markets of those counties rise?? If the stocks from the EM markets did rise would [...]

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The Computer Did Pretty Well on the Dax

  Notice the Panic Cycles targeted 12/03 and volatility in cycles into the end of this week. We live in interesting times. People ask how the computer can do [...]

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DAX for the Close of August 2015

On the monthly level, the DAX has not yet given a long-term sell signal. August indeed produced the Panic Cycle the computer highlighted for August, and we still [...]

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DAX: A View Into the Heart of Europe

In the DAX Cash, we did elect two Weekly Bearish Reversals from the high of the week of April 6. The next key area of support lies down at the 938000 level. Next [...]

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