Crude Oil – The Hidden Order Exposed

Crude rallied during October reaching the $52 level. Yet for the close, it crashed and burned on the last day to AVOID a buy signal at $49.35 level. We bounced off [...]

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OPEC & Manipulating Oil Prices

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) agreement to cut production is supposed to end Saudi Arabia’s policy of the last to years to [...]

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Private Blog Update for Close of September 2nd, 2016

Private Blog Update Dow – Gold – Silver – [...]

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CRUDE-W 6-4-2016

Oil — Have We Reached the Next Turning Point?

COMMENT: MA, Someone said they sold the euro at 116 with a stop loss at 11705 and  sold gold at 1305 with a stop above last year’s high.  They earn a lot. But [...]

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Electric Cars

The Electric Crisis in Europe

Many people do not realize that the global warming/climate change deals in Europe will eliminate gasoline and diesel cars on the streets come 2020. From Norway to [...]

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CRUDE-W 4-19-2016

Market Update

The market continues to press everyone up against the absurd. The Dow rallied so far above the 18100 level that it defied the logic that continues to be bearish. [...]

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Market Closings for Week of 04/04

Gold needs a closing ABOVE 1254.50 to signal a rally. A closing below 1225 would warn of a decline. Between these two numbers is still neutral. In silver we nee a [...]

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DJIND-W 3-24-2016

Market Closing for the Week Today

Today will be the close for the week and this will be an important indicator. A closing in gold below 1237.50 will warn of weakness. We have important technical [...]

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Crude-D 3-16-2016

Crude Update – March 16th, 2016

On Friday we elected the Weekly Bullish Reversal at 38.40. Crude pulled back for two days marginally to try to retest the previous reversal at 32.40. We have now [...]

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Moody’s Warns of 30% Rise in Commodity Based Company Bankruptcies in 2016

The commodity industry is bracing for a high year of bankruptcy and default filings that will impact mining and metals along with oil and gas. Moody’s has [...]

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