Private Blog – US Share Market Update

Private Blog Update – Dow, S&P500, & [...]

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The Share Market & the Future

QUESTION: As a small retail investor, what would Marty suggest to invest in if in fact we break the 23000 level on the DOW and we do in fact get the phase [...]

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The New Highs in US Share Market Are they the Prelude to a Crash?

Finally, the Dow made new highs in the face of constant calls for a crash. This past week, in a horse race we would call it a trifecta where the Dow Jones [...]

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NYSE & NASDAQ: Stop Loss & GTC Orders

  NASDAQ and NYSE are acting really insane and cancelling stop loss orders and GTC (good until cancelled). It appears that these types of orders will be [...]

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The Dow Rally & the ECM

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I have been in the industry for more than 30 years. There is nobody who has called the shots better than you and your numbers are [...]

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