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Why Davos Predictions Are Always Wrong!

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read the quote that Kenneth Rogoff made about the predictions of the attendees at Davos. He told Bloomberg: “A joke, which I have [...]

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Germany Arrests 3 Terrorists Disguised as Syrian Refugees

Germany has arrested three young Syrian men who are members of the Islamic State. These men came into the country through the same network that smuggled militants [...]

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British Royal Mint Selling & Sorting Gold for Pensions

The British Royal Mint is looking to sell more of its gold reserves in the form of gold bars for pension funds for the first time. They are charging 1% to store it [...]

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Censorship? Manipulating the News?

COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Is there a bug in my computer or has the latest the Nigel Farage video been removed from your blog? I also can’t find the recent [...]

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No WOrk

Switzerland Votes “No” on Universal Free Income for Life

Well, believe it or not, the younger generation is extremely socialistic. Just tell them they will get something for nothing and they are on board. I suppose this [...]

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German Study: USA is the Top Tax Haven in the World

A new study by the Green Party in Germany places the USA at the top of the list of tax havens for foreign investors. They have highlighted the key states in their [...]

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BREXIT On Schedule


  There is talk that Obama may go to Britain to express support for Cameron’s position on Britain remaining in the EU, even though it will surrender its [...]

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66% Against Merkel

66% Of German People Against Merkel

According to a recent poll, 66% of Germans are now against Merkel. As it now stands, if the election were today, she would find perhaps the lowest number of votes [...]

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Paris Metro

Refugees Take Over Paris Metro

Europe is being torn apart from the inside. In Paris, the metro station is turning into a slum and war zone. School gyms in Germany have been turned into dorms for [...]

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Thiele Carl-Ludwig

Bundesbank Bank’s Thiele Against Electronic Money

The Bundesbank (German Central Bank) has come out to oppose eliminating cash. During the pre-euro years, the Bundesbank was providing us with inside info on the [...]

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