Major John

The Financial Crisis 1992-1993

QUESTION: Marty, it is well known here in Britain that you advised Thatcher of course, but it was John Major you advised and even wrote what he said during the [...]

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Blair Tony

Tony Blair Says Brits Should Now Rise Up and Revolt

In studying history, it is interesting to see that it is always the left which creates uprisings and tries to force their beliefs upon all others. Historically, the [...]

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Euro Anti-Crisis

EU In Disintegration Mode

The EU leadership is really trying to make Great Britain pay dearly for voting to exit the Community. Like the socialists in America, it’s our way or no way. [...]

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Sturgeon Incompetent to Lead Scotland?

Nicola Sturgeon, the  First Minister of Scotland and the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), has said she is determined for Scotland to respect the [...]

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Britain Passes the Snooper Charter Ending ALL Privacy

Britain has passed what everyone calls the “snooper’s charter” otherwise known as the Investigatory Powers Bill. This [...]

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BREXIT Must be Decided by Parliament not the People

The British court ruled that Parliament, not the “people”, must vote on BREXIT. If Parliament overrules the people, we are looking at massive civil [...]

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Letter from Queen Elizabeth II to the American People

To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:   In light of your tendency to propose uncivilized people for [...]

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Empire Strikes Back – US Shuts Down RT in London & Wikileaks

UK Nat West Bank has seized all bank accounts of Russia Today (RT) to end their broadcasting, according to its editor-in-chief- Margarita Simonyan who took to [...]

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Is Brussels Trying to Force the Pound Lower?

QUESTION:  Any update or longer term array for the GBP? You said they are attempting to hold the USD’s advance back any chance there’s also attempt to [...]

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Pound Jump

Pound Sterling Collapses

COMMENT: Marty; Your forecast at the last WEC that the pound would break the 1985 low seemed extreme. I have to say as I watch it this morning, your computer picks [...]

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