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Dominoes – Key to Economic Survival

QUESTION: Marty; Will you be going over the type of monetary reform you see coming and how to position oneself for this and when it should arrive? What do you think [...]

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Music Notes

The Cycle of Music

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, isn’t music also cycles with the same structure that repeats? ANSWER: Absolutely. Cycle has specific meanings in the field of music. [...]

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Raise Your Arm

Armstrong On Why Cycles Exist

QUESTION: I was listening to a podcast on Bloomberg interviewing Peter Borsch who I remember you know for the two of you were together on a cycle research board and [...]

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Benchmarks to False Moves – The Constant Cycle of Change

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You said China will become the financial capital of the world after 2032. That means the US must decline. At the same time, you have [...]

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Ring of fire - 1

Why Science Fails to Understand Cycles – They Lack the Connections

QUESTION: Hi Marty, Interesting attempt at the cycle analysis for a MAJOR earthquake. Why do you think they make these predictions, when they don’t properly [...]

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Are Cycles Universal or Regional?

QUESTION:  I have a question regarding cycles. You provide some very detailed, historic references showing why certain events are occurring now (again). Is there a [...]

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Capitol Hill

The Meltdown in Politics

The political world is melting down. The press is so bought and paid for and lost all sense of impartial reporting just the news. All I can say is this is the [...]

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Cycles Why do They Exist?

Many comments have come thanking me for demonstrating that there is order hidden within this chaos. Yet, the underlying question is fundamental – Why do [...]

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The Future is Not as Dark As it Seems

I took this picture at the beach. At first glance, it is hard to tell if it is a sunrise or a sunset. For the record, it was a sunrise – the dawn of a new [...]

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Football in Decline

Many are now blaming Colin Kaepernick for the sharp decline in American football ratings. Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem in the NFL preseason [...]

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