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Private Blog – US Share Market Update

Private Blog Update – Dow, S&P500, & [...]

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CSHSP-Y 1-28-2016

S&P Stops 1 Point From our Projection Made January 2016

COMMENT: Congratulations Marty. We closed out the year less than one point away from your maximum (Tech 3) SPX 2016 target of 2239.8038 that your computer [...]

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The Share Market & the Future

QUESTION: As a small retail investor, what would Marty suggest to invest in if in fact we break the 23000 level on the DOW and we do in fact get the phase [...]

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The Markets Heading into Election

As we move into the elections and the polls narrow with Trump gaining, the power that be will try to push the US share market down to create the image that a Trump [...]

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The New Highs in US Share Market Are they the Prelude to a Crash?

Finally, the Dow made new highs in the face of constant calls for a crash. This past week, in a horse race we would call it a trifecta where the Dow Jones [...]

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Private Blog Update US Share Market & Gold

Two Private Blog Updates S&P500 with the Dow & Separate [...]

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DJIND-W 7-10-2016

US Share Market For Week July 11th

Despite the bears, the US share market continues to press against new highs. The Cash S&P 5oo closed at 212990 after reaching 213171 intraday. The record high [...]

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CSP500-W 6-11-2016

Retail Sales of US Equities (Domestic & Foreign) Reaching Historical Low

I have been warning that this has been, perhaps, the most sold rally in history. Domestic buyers and net foreign investors are both approaching historical lows. [...]

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S&P Cheap

S&P 500 is Really Cheap

COMMENT: Dear Martin, Another element that strongly supports your view is that US equities will fly at some point in the future. If you take the trailing 10y avg [...]

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S&P500 Trading Volume 1982-2016

Trading Volume Declines as Hoarding Rises Due to Uncertainty

QUESTION: Everyone in the gold industry says you are wrong. The stock market will crash by 90% and gold will soar. Will you address that scenario just once? ANSWER: [...]

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