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Monetary Devaluations & Cancellations

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; What Modi has done here in India is far worse than what the press reports. I read your piece that this is part of a larger plan discussed [...]

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Tiberius-Bust - R

Bringing All the Sources Together

QUESTION: Hi Martin! I have been enjoying readings in your rich (in knowledge) website and writings in my vacations here in Southern South America. Between one [...]

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Janus – The Start of a New Year

The Roman god Janus was the god of the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. In ancient Rome, the Temple of Janus stood in the Roman Forum [...]

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Syria the Focal Point

QUESTION: Marty; You said Syria was the focal point for this ECM wave and the target for the beginning of World War III. I read your piece on Syria and the issue of [...]

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Romans Landed in America and Sent Ambassadors to China

History is being rewritten all the time for the timeline of the past is far from definitive. Ancient Roman Coins issued under Constantine I the Great have been [...]

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No Matter What Century, It’s Always Politics

If you look at the calendar, the months that have 31 days are January, March, May, July, August, October, and December. The only two months with 31 days [...]

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China & its Monetary History

  QUESTION: Marty, it was interesting for you to mention some chinese history including the mongol empire the other day. i am currently studying the monetary [...]

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Caesarea-Israel shipwreck-coins

When Bronze is Worth More than Gold and Silver

An ancient Roman shipwreck has been discovered in the port of ancient Caesarea, located in Israel. The ship was full of bronze statues and coins that were destined [...]

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Philip I AE Sesterius -R

The First Roman Emperor Not of Latin Origin was From Syria

Claudius (Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus; b. 10 BC – 54 AD; r. 41-54AD) was the first Roman emperor born outside of Italy. However, he was a member [...]

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Seville 4-29-2016

600 kg Roman Coin Hoard Found in Spain

Construction workers in Spain found 600 kg (1,300 lbs) of ancient Roman coins while working on water pipes in southern Spain. The coins date to the period of [...]

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