2017: The Year of Alignment?

QUESTION: Dear Marty, 2011 was the intraday high in gold, but 2012 was the highest yearly closing. Add the 5 units of time bear market, that would potentially bring [...]

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Housing Property Real Estate

Real Estate in Real Terms

QUESTION: Dear Marty, When talking about negative interest rates and a shift of cash from banks to the stock market from 2017, would that not mean that cash may [...]

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The 86-Year Cycle is All Around Us

COMMENT: Marty, you have done a fantastic job in teaching us to look and observe. I noticed your post on the monetary reform of Trajan in 107AD. You mention he [...]

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Gold Oil Ration Mining 1965-2015

Gold/Oil Ratio: Is It Really Making Record Highs?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Mining ran a chart of the gold/oil ratio pointing out that conventional wisdom has placed the two together on the theory that rising oil [...]

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What Happens to Cash When Governments Go Electronic?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; What happens to paper money when the government moves electronic? Is it just cancelled? Does cash then become worthless? Thanks RD ANSWER: [...]

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Neofeudalism vs. Socialism

QUESTION:  Martin, Your grasp (and evidently the computer’s) of historical forces–the Shakespearen drama of it all–is awesome. But you seem more [...]

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Disease Is Cyclical – It's Time We Understand the Implications

COMMENT: Hi Martin, regarding your recent blog post about dengue fever, a similar pattern is apparently seen also in the African trypanosomiasis or “sleeping [...]

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Contribution from Norway — War & Money

COMMENT:  Good morning, Martin. Yesterday I bought an old booklet printed for 10 NoK at the Armed Forces Museum: “Laws, resolutions and prescripts due to [...]

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War Games Always Go Bad

1952 CIA Document to Create Nationalism in Afghanistan QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read with great interest your insight into another motive behind the illogical [...]

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Our Nemesis – Sovereign Debt Crisis

Nemesis & Justice in Pursuit QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I wanted to thank you for the conference in Berlin. It was my first time attending. I cannot wait for the [...]

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