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Australia-Behind Curtain

Confidence in Real Estate Crashes in Australia

The rush of foreign capital that has caused real estate in major cities to soar coming out of China has hit Australia, Canada, and the USA. The laws against foreign [...]

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Australia Looking Into Cancelling the $100 Bill

The Australian federal government is planning a full assault on the black or underground economy by appointing a taskforce who will consider the future of the $100 [...]

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Australia Elects Senator Who Was Thrown in Contempt Fighting Against Judges

Sen. Derryn Hinch (Vic-DHJP) was thrown in contempt and imprisoned for standing up against corrupt judges. He was elected to the Senate and made his Maiden Speech [...]

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Sydney Australia

Australian Elections Fail to Resolve Political Crisis

This weekend we had the elections in Australia. Of course, they were not on our list for the year of political hell. They sold off in the wake of Australia’s [...]

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Todd River Regatta

Sometimes You Just Have to Go With the Flow When Nothing Flows

The central banks are clueless and have no control over the economy. This whole thing reminds me of Australia. I loved going into the Outback, driving through [...]

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Trump is Getting Votes in the Australian Election

COMMENT: Hi Martin, Thought you might be interested in this; we had a local council election yesterday (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia), and in one of the [...]

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Paterson James

Will The Youth Save Us?

James Paterson, the youngest senator ever to be elected in Australia at 28-years-old, has boldly stated, “I’m not here for personal power and [...]

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Berejiklian Gladys

New South Wales Treasurer Says Government Must be Reduced

New South Wales Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian. Photo: Daniel Munoz Everywhere we look, governments are in deep trouble. Down under in New South Wales, Treasurer [...]

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Reserve Bankf of Australia

Australia Joins Crowd Advocating Electronic Money

The Central Bank of Australia, known as the Reserve Ban, has come out bluntly and stated that it is entirely possible that Australia will end physical notes and [...]

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Australia-Behind Curtain

Australia Is Hunting for People Who Use Business Cars to Go to Sports Games

COMMENT: Hi Marty, I have followed your work for more than 7 years now and it is fair to say that you have opened my eyes and mind to how the world and global [...]

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