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China Corporate Defaults: Good, Bad, or just Ugly?

A fertilizer producer in north China defaulted on bond payments, which is a positive aspect as the state governments are not so eager to bail out failed companies. [...]

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The Markets From Asia & the Prospects for the Dow

Asian shares are still struggling on Wednesday as it begins to dawn on investors that the Chinese economy really is slowing. The implication for that is more [...]

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Western Share Markets Rebound – Decoupling from China

The Asian contagion that began in Shanghai has now decoupled, leaving Monday the 24th as the low in Europe; it is expected to be the same in the States. A three-day [...]

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Shanghai Share Market Outlook

Despite the fact that the rally in Shanghai was by no means a real bull market, regardless of the percentage move back up, keep in mind that what goes up big also [...]

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Chinese Stocks Continue to Collapse as World Economy Prepares for Nosedive

Asian shares have retreated. Even the Nikkei has fallen back to two-year lows, following Chinese shares as they further their sharp correction plunge, dropping so [...]

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Shanghai’s Panic Sell-Off

The first window of opportunity for the temp low in the Shanghai will be tomorrow, the July 9. We have target support at 3615000 and key support at the Weekly [...]

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