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Le Pen Marine

Le Pen soars in French Polls to Top

Marine Le Pen has refused to wear a headscarf at a meeting with a Grand Mufti in Lebanon.  The incident is likely to be well received by their electorate in [...]

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Govt Looking

Canada to Fingerprint Anyone who Owes Them Money

  The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has begun to record the fingerprints of every person charged (not yet convicted) with tax evasion. This is a move that could [...]

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Schulz Martin

Martin Schultz Wants to Give Refugees the Right to Vote in German Election

  To win the election in Germany, the SPD & Greens want to move to change the law regarding voting rights. Essentially, they want to give the refugees a right [...]

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Norway Insane Property Boom or Capital Flight from Eurozone?

QUESTION: Hello Martin, I was wondering if you could write a piece on the Norwegian real estate market? The market has gone complete mad the last couple of years [...]

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Obama - OFA

Democrats in Civil War Against Obama’s OFA?

Of course the brainwashed Democrats send in emails saying Obama is not behind the shenanigans of civil unrest. They just prefer to blame everyone but themselves and [...]

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2017 Paris Riots

Civil Unrest Tears France Apart

The civil unrest in France which began in Paris has led to riots in some parts of the capital that spilled over spreading across France as vigilantes stage running [...]

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Civil War

The Left is Intentionally Creating a Coordinated Revolution

The left is intentionally fighting to remain relevant. I have written before how there is a global coordination among the left to rule the world and I am NOT one of [...]

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Erdogan Flags

Greece – Cyprus – EU & Rise of the Neo-Ottoman Empire

COMMENT: Your article on “All Eyes on Greece” is very interesting.  A very similar story applies to Cyprus (the Greek side). My parents were from [...]

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Canada Waterpark

Refugee Rapes in Swimming Pools now in Canada?

In Edmonton, Canada, six teenage girls under 16 were allegedly touched (sexually assaulted) by a Syrian refugee, Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, 39, at a water-park. This [...]

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Blair Tony

Tony Blair Says Brits Should Now Rise Up and Revolt

In studying history, it is interesting to see that it is always the left which creates uprisings and tries to force their beliefs upon all others. Historically, the [...]

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