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QUESTION: Do you think Gates, Biden, Fauci, etc, ever really got vaccinated?


ANSWER: Absolutely no way! The side-effects are serious and even the CDC has admitted there are more side-effects with Moderna than the other brands. Listen closely to how they qualify everything. Fauci said: “It’s very, very, very unlikely that you’re going to have an effect, 5 or 10 years down the pike.” Note he is saying “unlikely” but he then compares it to a normal vaccine. Fauci said in an interview on March 13. “The reason we say that is that we have decades of experience in the field of vaccinology and virtually all of the effects if they even occur, and they’re very rare, occur within 15 to 45 days following the dose.” There is absolutely no way any public figure took the vaccine for if they had a serious reaction, it would end the entire scheme. That was far too risky. The variants are also nullifying the vaccines because they are not traditional. The US military has even stated that social distancing, masks, and quartine failed to prevent the spread of COVID. In Michigan, 246 people who were vaccinated still got COVID and 3 even died! Now the CDC has reported that 1,637 Deaths have taken place AFTER COVID-19 Vaccinations were administered!

We cannot believe ANYTHING coming from the government at this point in time.

QUESTION: RE: Suing Universities. Are Employers subject to the same idea as universities when it comes to terms of employment (even if the employer is the Government)? If an employer wants to mandate vaccination, are they completely liable for the consequences? I know many people who are getting vaccinated because of the fear of retribution, even when an employer is saying vaccination is “voluntary”. If the employer decides to change their tune 4 months down the road, those who voluntarily “refused” the experimental treatment could be subject to job loss. So much for something being “voluntary”. Government loves us so much.
Seems like the issue is class action across all of society, not just one case at a time.


ANSWER: If they say it is “voluntary” and someone takes the vaccine out of fear they might be discriminated against, they have no case. As long as they say it is “voluntary” and then they change that to “mandatory” or they deny you advancement because you were not vaccinated, then you have a legal case against them. But if you “volunteer” for the jap, it is on you and all the effects thereafter.

QUESTION: Discrimination: First let me thank you for all you do. I am a long-time follower and reader of Armstrong Economics.
You wrote today an article about discrimination and how it is illegal to discriminate against non-vaccinated people.
Here is what I do not understand is how people cannot see that a heavy graduated and progressive income tax is not illegal because it specifically discriminates against the wage earner.
How can government do this and no one says a word like it is okay to confiscate your earnings before you even receive them. I can think of no act that is more illegal and discriminatory than the third plank of the communist manifesto: A heavy graduated and progressive income tax.

P.S. We met briefly at the 2017 WEC.

ANSWER: Nobody has EVER challenged the income tax on the basis of discrimination. I would love to see such a case. However, keep in mind, that anyone who brings a case on that issue will be targeted and harassed by every agency the government can unleash. Back following the 1987 Crash, there was a movement in Congress to merge the CFTC and the SEC. At the time, the CFTC asked me if I would testify on their behalf because we had forecast the 1987 Crash and identified the cause being the G5. My lawyers were about to jump out the window. They begged me NOT to testify for every other agency would retaliate against me if I jumped into that mix. If you dare challenge a government agency, they retaliate viciously against you.

Owen Changing Transcripts

Even in my court case, I challenged Judge Owen for changing transcripts and altering what even took place in court. One time he erased upwards of an hour in court. because the government had to admit they were wrong and just made up stuff. They tried to deny me bail and lost claiming that I was going to flee to a mansion I had in London. I just raised my hand and asked the court if I could have that address. They immediately backed down and said they had that on “good information” when in fact I left London more than 10 years before. Nothing they ever say is true – NOTHING! When I tried to appeal Judge Owen’s admitting to changing court transcripts which is a federal crime, the court of appeals kept losing the appeal. The system is so rigged, there is no justice anymore in the United States. So, I am not hopeful that you will ever get a court to rule on the issue no different than the Supreme Court refusing to listen to any argument on the election.

Owen Nuts

Honestly, if I were President, I would close all the federal courts which are statutory. You can’t fire a judge even when he has dementia as Judge Owen in my case who would even forget who I was. You are denied Due Process of Law if the judge is biased. I could not even get a rational judge which amounts to the same thing. Good luck on ever getting a fair court or upholding the Constitution.