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QUESTION: Do Americans have to be concerned about having money in foreign exchanges in places like London or other European countries if they impose capital controls? Is this as big a risk for Americans and you wrote it is for Europeans?


Capital Controls 2

ANSWER: Yes. They will require you to prove that you are not fronting for someone else. When I was going to work for a few months in Singapore, a friend of mine there asked if he could find me a condo to rent rather than a hotel. He put down the rent deposit, and I wired off $6,000. Two months later, when I got there, he said he never got the wire. I called my bank and told them to put on a trace, and HSBC returned the wire that day. They refused to credit his account because they could not verify I had no ownership in his account. I had to write him a check. Capital controls can be a real problem even for legitimate transfers.

COMMENT: Now we finally have confirmation that global warming is true!


REPLY: Well, as Charles Manson is now convinced, we definitely know it is not true.

QUESTION: The Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry from BC Physician re: Moderna Vaccine Reactions is very enlightening. Why nobody ever listens?

ANSWER: This is an agenda. At the very least, it seems to be used as a control mechanism to identify the sheep from the free thinkers.

COMMENT: Michigan this week directed state residents as young as two years old to begin wearing masks in the hopes that doing so will help bring down the state’s coronavirus numbers. It is time to move. It is just insane here.



REPLY: They never read the Washington Post article on all the studies from the Spanish Flu of 1918 that showed that masks were “useless,” and Fauci knew that. This is indoctrinating children for the permanent social distancing they are creating, precisely as was the case in East Germany. Why people listen to anything Fauci says is beyond me. He is part of the WEF cabal against Americans.

COMMENT: Martin,

I believe court packing will put the defining stamp on the end of the last remaining semblances that the US is a constitutional republic.  1A, 2A, 4A, etc will all be quickly done in.  States will be added as necessary by congressional dictate to cement permanent ruling class control.  It was a good run, unfortunately, those alive today (we) have to face these times and need to figure out how to best move forward.  We have to continue to work and to do what it takes and all that we can to do our best to minimize and stymie the authoritarian shift.  If people are paying attention they know it’s going to be chaos.  If they follow you they know that faith in government is disappearing rapidly.  I believe that now more than ever in modern history people need to be involved with the most important level of government, the local one – municipalities, county boards, school boards, sheriff dept, PTA’s, etc.  As the country continues to devolve and fracture it will be critical to support the local people that stand for what you do.  If you can’t find any people that you can support then you need to be that person…or move to find that person.



REPLY: Yes, where you live is important. The Democratic states up North will only become far more restrictive and taxes will rise as they struggle to cover their expenses because they locked down their economies. Office buildings remain unoccupied but that has no impact on property taxes. This is part of the shift in real estate from URBAN to SUBURBAN, which will dominate the trend from here into 2037.


COMMENT: FYI. I am signed up to receive your blog automatically. I have read them for years. A couple years ago they would intermittently end up in my junk folder. In the last year they went there consistently. Even though I marked them as NOT JUNK. Then for about two months they showed up without issue. Now, nothing. No matter what I do My HOTMAIL account will not even acknowledge anything from your site. Yes you are marked in my safe sender list. I have now switched to protonmail.
Thank you for what you do.


QUESTION: Thanks for delineating the various laws against forced and coerced vaccinations.
Perhaps it is time to find experts who will call a crime against humanity a crime against humanity. Refusing evacuation to people fleeing deadly volcanic eruptions is precisely what the Nuremberg protocols were designed to criminalize. In my understanding, it is an active, capital crime, which supersedes all other governmental laws. Admittedly, I come from a very pro-individualist state, Texas, where we are free to personally use deadly force in self-defense, and defense of others, in many circumstances.

Yet the Nuremberg principles also enshrined such rights and duties. If an authority locked unvaccinated people in a burning building, law enforcement would be criminally liable for enforcing that order. In some circumstances, they would have an active duty to use force to free the unvaccinated people, including deadly force. I believe the World is, shockingly, back in the mid 20th Century nightmare where organizations and individuals are, openly and otherwise, engaged in massive crimes against humanity, under the color of laws which are, literally, crimes against humanity. That means they are crimes that cannot be excused, and for which capital punishment is available. That means that, for example, a leader forcing vaccination or death on people would, at Nuremberg, have been convicted of a capital crime, and their minions would have been held to have a duty to stop them, including the use of deadly force.

Now we see private businesses compelling vaccinations with experimental drugs, at risk of losing one’s livelihood, tuition, etc. This is a crime against humanity. There is no immunity, either institutional or personal. I wonder what airline executives, college presidents, multinational corporate officers, petty bureaucrats, and World leaders would do if they realized people with guns could arrest them, take their property, try them in new courts, jail them, and even execute them, for what they are doing?


ANSWER: The so-called “Nuremberg Laws” was a crucial step in Nazi racial laws that led to the marginalization of German Jews and ultimately to their segregation, confinement, and extermination. These were key pieces of evidence in the trials, which resulted in 12 death sentences and life or long sentences for other Third Reich leaders. In the United States, it is only illegal to experiment on humans with chemical or biological weapons. So regardless of prosecuting the Germans at Nuremberg, biological experiments are not illegal in the USA for this reasons (see: 50 U.S. Code § 1520a – Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents). They are already experimenting on even merging human DNA with that of Apes — I suppose that makes the movie “Planet of the Apes” possible. There may also be a bend of human DNA with cats going on. This is all very disturbing.

The United States is not part of the International Court. They refused to join and will not recognize any prosecution of an American for war crimes or medical experiments. So while international law requires the consent of a person for human experimentation, they cannot be prosecuted in the United States under the theory of Nuremberg principles. The US is not a state party to the Rome Statute. The US participated in the negotiations that led to the creation of the court. However, in 1998 the US was one of only seven countries – along with China, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Qatar, and Yemen – that voted against the Rome Statute.


The real question is not how Washington works traditionally, but how it is working today until the “Drunken Sailor”.  We are in a terrible crisis, which is intent on unalterably changing America.  That has not been the agenda of the Republicans and that is the current agenda of the Democrats, even if they point a gun at the heads of the Democratic Congressmen.  If they cannot stand up for the Constitution as it was written, than they are evil.  If they agree that the Bill of Rights is whatever the Radical Left says it is, they are evil.  If they agree what the Woke mob says it means, they are evil.  If they desire to destroy the police, who play a vital role in civilized society, they are evil.  If they have cannot stand up for the First or any other Amendment in the Bill of Rights, they are evil, whether they are Democrat or Republican.

In short, by your saying, that’s the way Washington works, you are shrugging your shoulders at evil.  Take a Stand that requires courage and integrity!  Not supporting a viable border is evil.  It is not Democratic or Republican, it is evil.  The Holocaust was evil.  That a Congressional Committee failed left out the word Jew in its statement commemorating the Holocaust of “Six Million” is evil.  In Kiev, Ukraine, the Soviet Union put up a plaque commemorating the slaughter of over 33,000 Jews in a single day, but failed to mention that the victims were Jews.  That is evil and no different than a Congressional Committee doing the same thing.

Get a backbone!


ANSWER: I am explaining the system. I am not the leader of a revolution. That will come. The computer is objective in its forecasts and I must comply with that position. Everyone can have an opinion. What I do is not about my personal opinion, as opinions are not relevant. People want to know the computer forecasts, for that is the only objective source we have in the middle of this mess.

Build Back Better

COMMENT: All of this Green Energy nonsense seems to be pushing Germany to fail. Even the press is starting to question what is going on. A national power failure is getting closer: Germany is digging its own grave with its radical energy policy 

REPLY: Honestly, we have the dumbest politicians in human history. This is all part of the Great Reset where they know they will destroy the economy so they can then “Build Back Better,” but in the process, they will most likely lead to wars and a reduction in the population which seems to be their obsession.