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Did Retail Really Make GME Rally? Or where there others behind the trade?

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GME Q GMW 2 4 2021

QUESTION: You seem to think that the Reddit people were just lucky. Is this the dawn of the little guy beating Wall Street?


GME W Tec 2 4 2021 a 1024x745

ANSWER: Look, this is our Global Market Watch for GME on a Quarterly Basis. The major low took place during the 2nd quarter of 2020. This is a pattern recognition model and while it picked the decline and the rally, most professionals trade technically. I cannot imagine any program that would have been calling for a short position even if you used a simple stochastic coming out of 2020. Any technical trader would have been long until the end.

I highly doubt that this was simply novice retail people who crated this push. It has all the hallmarks of a professional manipulation and if the SEC does not investigate, you know that means the real hands in the cookie jar are behind the curtain. Even our timing array picked the week for the high. This not random nor against the overall trend.