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Answering Your Questions

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One World Government 1

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong. I am confused because you have stated many times that we are approaching the end of globalization, while at the same time saying the Great Reset, which is full globalization, is coming. Please explain. Thanks for your blog.


ANSWER: Schwab’s Great Reset is the ATTEMPT to create a one-world government. Nonetheless, this will fail. These idiots actually thought that they could force regime change in both Russia and China and then they would open their arms and embrace this one-world government dream of Schwab.

The reality is that capital investing internationally is now at risk from both illegal assets seizures as the West has done to people who are just Russian as well as currency fluctuations due to geopolitical posturing. What the West has done to Russians has crossed the line. Now any other country that simply disagrees with a country can point to this precedent and seize all the assets of private citizens. On top of that, SWIFT abandoned its integrity and has shown the world it is simply a political tool. This has set China in full steam ahead mode to replace SWIFT thereby ENDING the Globalization of the world financial markets.

IBBPVA Y 4 25 22

QUESTION: Marty, your forecast for the collapse of the British pound is looking more and more on target. I cannot believe that Johnson has sent special forces into Ukraine and even threatened to use nuclear weapons against Russia as a rogue state outside of NATO. Putin’s response that London will be the first to go in a nuclear war is actually understandable since Johnson has committed British special forces to war in Ukraine. What’s the timing on the fate of the UK?


ANSWER: Nothing indicates that London will be nuked in the near term. Johnson has totally lost his mind. Russia would now be completely justified in assuming Britain has just declared war on Russia and as such seize all British assets in Russia. The failure of the FTSE to exceed the 2018 high warns that the decline is in motion but the low may not be until 2032. There is clearly a rise in volatility and a Directional Change next year. As far as the pound is concerned, this year was a Directional change and it has broken last year’s low. A break of the par level opens the dollar to a collapse down to the mid 80 cent level. This most likely reflects the prospect of a European war.

Swiss_Franc Y 4 25 22


QUESTION: Dear Martin,
as the disaster in Europe is unfolding I would like to ask what Socrates is predicting for Switzerland and the Swiss Franc.
Could Switzerland be a place to hide? And could the Swiss Franc serve as a hedge against the fall of the Euro?
Could you please share your insights with us? We the normal people in Germany are really desperate for help! And time is running out!

ANSWER: Here is a chart of the Swiss franc long-term. The dollar is pushing higher and it will rise to test the 12300 level. Exceed that area will also confirm we are looking at a European war. The Swiss will NOT be the hedge it once was. The New York Times just reported:

“Switzerland, a favorite destination for Russian oligarchs and their money, announced on Monday that it would freeze Russian financial assets in the country, setting aside a deeply rooted tradition of neutrality to join the European Union and a growing number of nations seeking to penalize Russia for the invasion of Ukraine.”

It is just amazing to me that no matter what country we look at, we have the absolute most braindead leaders ever to claim office in human history. I know people hate the dollar, but we will see the dollar RISE initially in this confrontation. Eventually, the collapse in world currencies and the rise in the dollar will be the catalyst to seize all capital and force it into a digital currency.

When we look at the currencies around the globe, they are all confirming that war lies on the horizon. I hate this forecast, but this is not my personal opinion. This is when we need Will Smith to bitch-slap all the leaders. Honestly, there is not a single one who is competent. They are all just carrying out the advice of those behind the curtain who simply want war.

Dollar sinking


Have you by chance retrospectively looked back at all the currency changes that have been made concerning the acceptance of other currencies in place of the dollar from the ECM turning point? All the deals that have been cut……
If I am not mistaken there are quite a few significant changes that have been made in the past month+ to circumvent the dollar’s hegemony in global trade….and If my memory serves, there was a BIG event that day or 1 day before or after that started the ball rolling
Can you by chance put together a list? It would be very helpful to see it in date order in black and white.
I think this was the MAJOR TURNING POINT that Socrates picked up…and will become more noticeable with each passing month
IBEUUS W March 14 4 25 22

ANSWER: There was a major shift in the trend for the dollar despite the fact that people thought it would crash based on shifts in trade to the Yuan. When we look at most, we see this shift in trend took place the week of the ECM turning point of March 14th. The Euro bounced and that was the highest weekly closing because it turned back down.

China W March 14th 4 25 22

When we turn to the Yuan, despite the rhetoric, the dollar has risen even with the deals surrounding the yuan being priced in oil and some central banks adding it to their reserves. One would expect the dollar to decline, not rally. However, the markets are showing something else is at foot.


Rubles W March 14 4 25 22


Now if you really want your mind twisted, here is the chart of the Russian Ruble. The week of March 14th saw a reversal in trend, but it was not the crash of the Ruble, but the dollar.


GCNYNF W March 14 4 25 2022


All the markets we look at are lining up for what appears to be a war on the horizon. Look at gold. Here too we see the week of March 14th marked the shift in trend to the downside.

The markets are defying those who keep preaching the dollar down. It seems no matter what they say, they just end up being wrong again. The only possible way to see the trend is through the global eyes of Socrates without personal biases and assumed economic relationships. All I can do is report the trend as it is forecasted. My personal opinion has nothing to do with this BECAUSE there is not a single analyst alive today who has ever lived through should a period. This is a time that forges the soul of humanity. Those who listen to the propaganda will lose everything. Only those who go with the trend will come out the other side of the insanity.