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Land of the Free Home of the Brave – Void when Neocons Prohibit It

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COMMENT: Marty, please post this on the public blog and not the private. Everyone would know that all the major intelligence agencies read you because they all know Socrates has been incredible in its geopolitical forecasting that is unmatched anywhere. After you returned home across the pond, I believe the chatter is that some are now questioning Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s position. You are far more of a champion than even you think. There are those listening to Socrates’s statement that the West will lose. They know Socrates forecasted the fall of communism in 1989, the USSR in 1991, and the Russian bond collapse in 1998. Nobody can do that from personal opinion.

Please, please, post this on the public blog. People have to support you to at least make it to 2032.


T Shirt Land of Free

REPLY: I hope you are right. When I returned, as soon as the Customs Agent looked at the screen on me, she said come with me and took me off to a private room to be searched. They detained me for only about 30 minutes, and I was released. I was not allowed to call anyone or use my phone. That has never happened before. So, I guess I have the Neocons to thank for that delay.

Everyone would be writing to their Congressman and Senator to demand an investigation into HOW directed the “appointed” government of Ukraine to start this civil war. I believe it was Victoria Nuland et al. She was the one on the ground, and it was her husband who started the claims that Trump would be a dictator because his wife has been in every administration EXCEPT that of Trump. It is time for the truth to be revealed for the world to see.

Many have asked if they can buy this shirt we handed out at our WEC a few years back. We do not have any. Given the unfolding events, we will look into the possibility of making up a batch.