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Answering Questions

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QUESTION #1: What is your opinion of Trump’s statement regarding the COVID vaccine: “YOU’RE WELCOME, JOE, NINE MONTH APPROVAL TIME VS. 12 YEARS THAT IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU!””


ANSWER #1: I have a serious disagreement with Trump, and it bothers me that he has not expressed what so many now realize was wrong.

QUESTION #2: Do you think Trump was correct with North Korea and NATO?


ANSWER #2: On those issues, yes, I would have to agree. If you refuse to negotiate with an opponent, you better be prepared for confrontation. The policy against North Korea was to use sanctions to PREVENT them from getting nuclear weapons. That policy was a huge mistake, for it only confirmed that they needed nuclear weapons. The US does not invade China or Russia because they have weapons, as does Iran. From that perspective, the only way to prevent a US invasion is to have nukes. This is the problem that has emerged with our Neocons, who are always engaged in regime change around the world. Now, North Korea has the nukes, so what good are the sanctions? They failed. The policy has to shift to preventing North Korea from using them.

Clintons Russia Coup

As far as NATO is concerned, it has steadily moved eastward when it said it would not. Putin told the truth in the Tucker Interview despite mainstream media saying he lied and is a paraia thereby guaranteeing the only option is war. Obviously, you cannot negotiate with such an evil man, so we must move to nuclear war to eliminate one man. But the Declassified documents from the Clinton Administration I got and published in the book Plot to Seize Russia confirm that there was indeed talk of Russia joining NATO.

NATO North Atlantic Terror Organization

It does not matter WHAT government agency you hand power to; they will NEVER surrender it willingly. Every other nation has ONE REGULATORY body, and the USA has the CFTC and the SEC, plus the Federal Reserve over banks. If you obey the laws of one, you go to jail with the other. This hurts American citizens, for they cannot avail themselves of a hedge fund, and they must decide what sector to invest in, which is why I provide Socrates covering everything.

The bond guys will say they are the best, and so will the commodity guy, the stock guy, and the gold seller. They will all swear they are the best. A hedge fund was forced offshore, and the hedge fund manager made those decisions. This does not allow the average American to get the best available funds management.

DeutscheBank 1

I ran the ONLY onshore hedge fund in the world for Deutsche Bank, which was set up in Australia. It was a pain, you know where. They wanted CVs of every broker on the floor where I would ever do a trade. But we put up with it because we were trying to make headway into bringing professional management to the average person.  The average annual return was 38%, and the drawdown average was 1%. Nobody ever produced such an audited track record. SORRY. I retired from funds management. I’ve been there and done that.

NATO presents a threat to the entire world. If there is PEACE with Russia, then we do not need NATO, which was formed to defend against communism, which fell all by itself. So why do we need NATO? We do not. They will constantly swear Russia will invade Europe any day now, so they remain relevant and keep their funding.

YES – I would defund NATO and negotiate with Russia and China to lower tensions, for the common people around the world do not want war – only our insane leaders.