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Question Your Change to Speak


COMMENT #1: Mr. Martin; I read your private blog and your comment that “They stopped counting the votes halfway through and proclaimed Zelensky the winner, which was all rigged.” Nobody I know voted for Zelensky. He was installed by the West and the Oligarchs to wage war and fill their pockets with dollars. Even the Economist finally just reported: “Criticism of Volodymyr Zelensky, the president, has increased, and the reasons for the dissatisfaction are clear.”

You are the only person I have found in the West who reports the truth.

Thank you. It means a lot to us Ukrainians in the middle of this stupid war.


COMMENT #2: Hello Martin,

Zelensky and his wife visited Sweden today and our prime minister Ulf Kristersson announced the biggest economic support package in our history to a single country going to Ukraine. But it was not enough for Mr Zelensky. He kept asking for our fighter jets JAS Gripen. He just keep on begging for more and more for every country he visits.
They also announced that the swedish battle tank CV 90 are to be manufactured in Ukraine now!
And Mrs Zelenska visited a rehabilitation centre here in Stockholm for Ukrainians injured in the war. And Zelenska talked about how Ukraine needs to be handicap accessible because they are counting on 3-5 million war veterans after this!
Regards MS

COMMENT #3: Marty, they seriously think we are all stupid. Check this article on a Russian missile supposedly striking yet another Ukrainian theatre.

The picture of the fireball is from Lahaina and the aftermath showing the theatre reveals not a single scorch mark
Now, I was a career firefighter for 30 years, and that is some amazing building.
The attack on the X video appears to be fake and may be an example of AI generated video.
We are in deep trouble, because it is going to become increasingly difficult to distinguish between what is real and what isn’t

COMMENT #4: Martin
I think you will find this story interesting.
The other morning I was at the gym. Each day there is a group of Russians, and a couple of Ukrainians that work out. They are all approximately in their late 50’s to 60’s. They do their respective workouts, but they always talk amongst each other.
The conversation with this group is always cordial. I know there can be hatred between the two, but I think we all know there are exceptions to everything. I think most people respect each other and leave it at that.
I was nearby when for whatever reason they started talking about the war in English. The conversation was primarily about each other’s respective family members. They wanted to know if a parent, sibling, or cousin was doing fine along with any fresh news from the old country. One happened to mention a family member that was trying to leave.
Either way, the conversation was going along fine when all of a sudden an American, whom I think is in his late 70s chimed in.
He started out by providing his take on the situation which was mainly what is repeated on TV here.
“I heard no one can get in or out of Ukraine because the government won’t let them and the Russians won’t either.”
While I’m not sure where he possibly heard that their entire group shot back that wasn’t true citing the many people that fled here, Germany, and even Russia itself. They mentioned it was true many people left illegally if they could not navigate the government rules, but most people try going through the proper channels first. The group unanimously expressed it’s very difficult for the men to leave Ukraine which I think is obvious.
Personally, I have a few friends with Ukranian family members that have fled here this past year so I know it’s possible. I also found out they get quite the care package brimming with preloaded debit cards, healthcare access, phones, and more. The migrants from the south get the same treatment too. But back to their conversation.
One of the Russians chimed in by saying “Of course if you know the right people and have money you get anywhere you want. That’s universal and even applies in America”
The whole group started laughing.
That agitated the American a bit. So he tried changing the conversation direction slightly.
He started to spew the standard pro-Zelensky, Russia is the aggressor, and Russia is on the ropes line. Then went into why Ukraine needs more weapons because Russia started the whole thing. Pretty much everything you would expect to be said by an American watching the nightly mainstream news.
Well, the conversation went from smoldering to a rager. The Ukrainians AND the Russians all started shouting at him in disagreement over everything he said.
In essence, they told him most of what he stated is not the entire story, or in some cases false. A comment that stuck out to me, which also made me laugh, came from the quietest in their group.
“Don’t believe what you hear on CNN or Yahoo. It’s all BS. When you live through Communism you must learn how to read between the lines. You Americans haven’t lived through that long enough yet so you don’t know how to figure out what is really being said. You have that[communism] starting here and don’t even know it”
Each one nodded in agreement.
The American became defensive and told them they were full of it. He shook his head and waved his hands at them in disagreement. Not for a second did he ponder if there was any validity to their claim, nor did he seem interested in researching it further. The conversation essentially ended shortly after that.
I know most of this is old news to you.
Thanks for everything you do.

PS. My goal is to make 2023 the first year I attend the WEC either in person or virtual.


COMMENT #5: Happy days from Canadian broadcasting on these horrors.

However, you go to British institutions and we see comments like “The situation in Yellowknife is almost a lost cause”.


Comments on West Kelowna do happen to come from a BC Provincial Minister though who finally tells us what Al Jazeera mentioned last night.

Evacuations, both mandatory and “have your bag ready to go soon” rose to 70,000+. This close the Fort MacMurray disaster some years back.

How is it that these overseas outlets know more than Canadian ones??


COMMENT #6: Hello Martin,
With the fourth indictment against Trump it appears that Fulton County is going to actually go through with making Trump take a mug shot as opposed to how the other jurisdictions have handled it by simply booking him without the mugshot.
Do you think this could backfire politically? Obviously there are plenty of people who hate Trump and would love to see a mugshot of him but to me this seems like a mistake. Martin Luther King’s mugshot from the Birmingham jail didn’t hurt his cause like the segregationists thought it would, instead it made King more sympathetic to a wider audience. Could the same happen here? Might they be overplaying their hand?
From Trump’s perspective there is a lot of good marketing and promotional material that could come of this. He could sell shirts with his mugshot and below it could say:
“Wanted: For President in 2024”
All the best from East Texas,

COMMENT #7: You said – “The economy was strong before they attempted to BUILD BACK BETTER.”
… and yet, that seems to be EXACTLY what’s going on in Maui right now. Funny how Maui was already tagged as a planned Smart City precinct by Klaus Schwab and Smeagol Harari and friends at the WEF.
Not unlike the unprecedented floods and fires around and through the town of Lismore, NSW Australia, which happens to lie on a planned WEF Smart City corridor. And now the NSW government is hellbent on buying up ALL the property and getting those unwashed masses off of that land corridor. Who would have thought?
If it’s any consolation, you’re preaching to the converted on this subject.
Not that knowing what’s going on seems to be making any difference – seems to me the Fat Lady needs to get her fat butt out of the dressing room and start exercising her fat vocal chords.
Just saying.


COMMENT #8: As a lawyer, I can definitely see you have specialized in constitutional law. We spend little time on that in school. We focus on statutory law. Your father would have been proud of your legal mind. A former staff member told me you have studied the laws of Asia and Europe in order to advise multinational companies. I think that shows in your writing.

PS: Thank you for explaining Shakespeare’s comment that the first thing we do is kill all the lawyers really meant prosecutors.


COMMENT #9: I realize why you have a Private Blog, Google cannot search it. Brilliant. Especially with your last post on the next pandemic. We really are at war with these people.


COMMENT #10:  Hi Martin,

Here you have the article: