Trader Preview Update: What-If Models

We will also be adding our What-If reversal model to the Trader preview version next weekend. This model projects where the reversals will be generated assuming an [...]

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WEC Attendees Will Receive Extended Access to the Trader Preview Site For Two Weeks

We are adding a group of new models before the final launch of the Trader version. We added the risk model this weekend. You will also find that the reports have [...]

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Is a Slingshot Move Setting Up?

We have penetrated last year’s low in the cash S&P500, but not in the Dow yet. The Yearly Bearish does not come into play until we get to the bottom of [...]

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Site Developments – Issues & Thank You for Your Support

  We apologize that the site has gone down for brief periods. We are working on that issue. The site has grown hugely from both an access and data perspective. [...]

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Socrates Inquiry to be Added in 2016

  In 2016, we will add additional features to the Socrates platform. At first, the questions will be limited to specific markets. Above is an example [...]

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Invitation to Socrates Access for General Public – Investor Level

If you would like to request an invitation to join the Investor level platform of Socrates, please visit Please note that it may take up to two [...]

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Socrates Waiting List

Every day we add another group of people to the Investor level platform, which includes pattern recognition models, pricing charts on all timing levels, and a [...]

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Socrates Investor Level for the General Non-Trader Public

The Investor level of Socrates is live by invitation only. Invitations can be requested at This is ONLY the Investor level for the average [...]

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Socrates Investor Level Starts Next Week

We have begun to release Socrates on the Investor level in tranches due to the volume of people going into the site. Keep in mind that this level is for the general [...]

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Socrates Update

We will be putting up videos on Socrates shortly. Due to the exceptional amount of attendees at this year’s World Economic Conferences in Berlin and [...]

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