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The Great Economic Destruction & COMPLEXITY

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Burns Arthur

COMMENT #1: OK Marty, it is now becoming obvious that not only Trump reads your stuff but so does Obama. Trump bought a $19 million remote island and Obama bought one for $15 million. This is not a coincidence. Your war cycle goes nuts next year and we have the worst crop of world leaders pushing us into oblivion. I think it’s to fess up to all the elites who are your clients.


COMMENT #2: I remember you said you don’t know how Socrates does it. Are you any closer to finding out how it is actually predicting events? Do you think it is connecting to a different dimension/realm? everything is possible!
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Hect Model Schiavoni Source Code

ANSWER: Neither Trump nor Obama subscribe to our services, at least under their own name. Just about every government is tapping into our forecasts because the computer has called just about everything in my life to my own amazement. They held me in contempt and desperately tried to have me build it for them. I said we would run whatever study they wanted, but the CIA simply replied that they had to own it. It took many years for me to stand up against that, for it would have deprived my main objective to show that there may be a better way to manage society — living with the cycle instead of trying to suppress it. Fed Chairman Arthur Burns concluded that all the battles trying to defeat the business cycle always failed because of COMPLEXITY.

rain forest 2

CO2 CycleI believe that the success of Socrates is based upon COMPLEXITY that we as humans cannot fully comprehend, no less see. I believe the world economy is much like a rainforest where there are countless species of insects, animals, plant life, and different components of soil. Perhaps as Darwin theorized, it was survival of the fittest, and that same concept emerges within the global economy.

Like the rain forest, kill one species, and that may have been the food source for another which then dies off. The ripple effect is so complex that we have no idea what the true implications will be. But our arrogance is always reducing everything to a single cause and effect because we are incapable of understanding COMPLEXITY. We harm everything we touch with this primitive form of analysis just like these climate change zealots that hang everything on CO2 when CO2 is the life element behind all plant life. Reduce CO2 to zero, and they have no idea what will happen to the planet all because they think CO2 increases the temperature looking at data only back to 1850.

Caesar People Believe

You cannot win an argument against a fool. Thus, it is impossible to convince these climate change zealots that they are wrong and the world is far more COMPLEX. As Julius Caesar once said: “In most cases, men willingly believe what they wish.”

I believe the success of Socrates is that it sorts out the COMPLEXITY that we as humans cannot see. It is monitoring everything and in the process, what emerges is the cycle of time itself. Indeed, every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. The sanctions imposed upon Russia and arbitrarily the Russian people for a corrupt regime in Ukraine set the stage for the inevitable what I call The Great Economic Destruction.

When Russia turned Communist, that ended world trade. The dissolution of the old Central European empires created twelve new states, and each put up trade barriers to protect their economies. That combined with Russia being isolated economically by the Communist Revolution was no longer connected to the world. It had been the main exporter of a large volume of raw materials and food in exchange for Eastern European manufactured goods. This contributed to the Great Depression as well as the food shortages.

Today, the sanctions against Russia will be permanent, for this will only harden Russia’s resolve and bind Russia and China together. Biden has singlehanded destroyed the world economy in just a few weeks. Economically, this will seriously unhinge the European economy in particular. After the stupidity of COVID restrictions that disrupted the world’s supply chain, sending inflation already to test the 8% level without Russian sanctions, we will see nothing but higher prices and economic decline all because our world leaders act out of hatred are ignorant of COMPLEXITY. The sanctions against Russia are much more devious than most suspect. They have the same fingerprints as the COVID Scam and that is to end the use of fossil fuels. The problem, is Germany has no alternative – but they cannot think or see beyond the end of their nose.